Deal of the Weekend!

I am an avid shopper on and off line. I receive plenty of emails daily because I am on all the email lists. My favorite emails to receive believe it or not at from American Eagle! Yes, I did work for them so maybe that is why I notice their emails first but let’s face it they have great deals! This weekend they have free shipping online and 40% off select styles! This promo was on last week as well so I bought me and Jon a few things! I thought I would let you in on the deals we got!

Jon’s New Duds:

AE Slim Fit Plaid Button-Down - Slim FitThis button down comes in 2 colors and at $39.99 and 40%off we had gotten a bargain!! He bought both colors. The fit is very flattering!

AE Plaid Button-Down - Athletic Fit

This button down is on sale now for $29.99! Comes in 4 great colors! Jon bought 3 of them and has received many compliments on these shirts this week. Great spring/summer colors!

My new duds:

fit food fashion

This tank is my new favorite! I wore it with my white jeggings last weekend. At $29.95 and 40% off you can not go wrong. The fit is a little big so if you decide to go with this tank make sure to go a size down. It comes in 3 colors but this one was by far my favorite!

These real leather flip flops are super comfy! I had a pair just like them from 2 year previous. I wore them the last 2 summers and finally needed to replace them. They are $24.95 with 40% off so how could I resist. These leather flip flops come in 3 great colors!

I also have to mention the AE Rewards Loyalty Program. I love this program! I shop a lot but with these promos it is easy to collect tons of rewards points! I know with all the shopping I do that every 3 months I will be getting a 15%, 20% or 40%off coupon! It is worth it believe me!


Il Tesoro NYC

Il Tesoro is one of those hidden gems in NYC. The first time we went it was due to a Groupon that we had purchased we have been back twice since then. The ambiance is old world Italian in candlelight. The service is warm and welcoming every time we have been. I love Italian food already but this food is amazingly delicious! Even Jon loves it and he is not always the biggest fan of Italian.


Our favorite starter is the fritto misto. The calamari, scallop and shrimp are lightly battered, golden and delicious. My best-loved entree so far was the linguine frutti da mare. I love the sauce, the seafood and the pasta is cooked al dente just the way I like it. This is a dish I will be back for!


As for Jon, he orders the same dish each and every time we go to Il Tesoro. He absolutely loves the brasato di short ribs. I have to admit I tried this dish the first time we dined there and I love it to. The short ribs are tender and the gnocchi is cooked to perfection. I can see why he always orders it!


Of course we save room for dessert which is always the creme brulee. Always good but I have never met a creme brulee I did not love. I am sure the other desserts are good too! If you are in NYC this restaurant is on my MUST VISIT list especially is you love Italian like I do!! Where do you like to spend your date nights?

Il Tesoro
Address: 1578 1st Ave, Manhattan, NY 10028
Phone:(212) 861-9620

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

I have always had a great love for cardio! You could actually say it borders on obsession. My favorite was the elliptical. I used to think it was my best friend until I realized through the help of the lovely Parisa  that the sometimes 90 minutes elliptical workouts I did daily were actually what was keeping me from losing the stubborn 10 pounds I gained after getting married. Who knew that more cardio was not the answer?

In came HIIT! I had asked Parisa for some help in figuring out why I was stuck with the same 10 pounds even though I was going to the gym for almost 2 hours a day 7 days a week. She convinced me to try a plan she had come up with. This also included HIIT as cardio. It was love right away. I have never felt so invigorated after my workouts. I now only do cardio 3 times a week but when I do it is worth it!

High Intensity Interval Training is any workout that alternates between intense bursts and fixed periods of less-intense activity. The best part is that I do not have to workout as long as I used to! HIIT is the best way to burn fat I have ever found. Those 10 pounds are now gone and are not coming back! The treadmill is my favorite way to get my HIIT workouts in. Here is one of my favorite treadmill workouts:

5 minute jog warm up 5mph

1 minute at 7mph

1.5 minutes at 5 mph

Repeat till reaching 50 minutes

Cool down 10 minute walk 3.5 mph

Give it a try and let me know what you think! What is your favorite cardio workout?

Maui Black Bean Soup

For my first cooking post I need to share a recipe from the lady who is in the kitchen with me (in spirit) 90% of the time! The amazing Tosca Reno! When I decided to learn how to cook I purchased The Eat-Clean Diet Cookbook by Tosca Reno. I now own 3 of her books and everything I have made has been amazing. Not only do I love it but so does my husband. This is a recipe I love and is great to freeze and use for multiple meals. This is something we do a lot since there is only 2 of us and who wants to eat the same thing all week! So we freeze it for an easy dinner when we do not have the time for cooking. Here is the recipe:


2 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil
2 ribs celery, coarsely chopped
1 fat carrot, peeled and chopped
1 small purple onion, peeled and chopped
1 red pepper, seeded and chopped
1 green pepper, seeded and chopped
2 cloves garlic minced
1 tsp cumin
1 tsp oregano
1 tsp basil
1 tsp chili powder
4 cups low-sodium chicken or vegetablestock
2 15oz cans black beans, rinsed and drain

Fit Food Fashion


1 In a large skillet, heat olive oil over medium heat. Add celery, carrot, onion, and bell peppers. Saute’ until onion becomes translucent, about 5-8 minutes. Add garlic and spices. Cook for a couple more minutes.

2 Add stock, beans and tomatoes. Bring to a boil and then reduce heat. Cover and let simmer for 20 minutes. Using a hand held blender or food processor, blend to desired consistency. Add corn and simmer for 5 minutes. Season with salt and pepper. Serve hot.

Fit Food Fashion

I like to serve the soup with organic corn chips and parmesan cheese. I love the smell of a big pot of soup simmering on the stove and this one smells fantastic while cooking. Please give it a try! I can not recommend The Eat-Clean Cookbook by Tosca Reno enough. If you do not own any of her books you should! Please share some of your favorite soup recipes!

Fit Food Fashion


EIF Revlon Run/Walk for Women

This year I had decided to take part in the Revlon Run/Walk. As a woman I have vested interest in supporting finding a cure to women cancers. I have also found a new love in running! I wanted to raise money but also attempt to run the full 5k from Times Square into Central Park. My hubby is not a big fan of running but I wanted to enlist some support so I registered him to go with me. Leading up to May 4th I started adding running into my regular work out routine. I was surprised at how hard running 5k could be but I was determined to do and run the full way. We started to collect donations through a page set up on the EIF Revlon Run/Walk website. Setting it up was very simple and easy!

Not so easy was convincing Jon to start running with me after work. He eased into it 2 weeks prior to the event. He found it difficult so I figured this may not end up being a fun couples activity! We picked up our t-shirts early at the Times Square Visitors Center this was also easy and convenient.

The big day arrived and I was pumped to get up early. Jon not so much! We made our way from our place down to Times Square. The city was quiet in the early morning until we hit Times Square. I was surprised by all the people that were already there so early! There were a lot of teams which I would love to form another year. Some of the teams were dressed up in wigs, face paint and costumes. It was great seeing so many people come together to support women! The warm up was done by fitness guru Denise Austin. Then they had speeches from the people of Revlon as well as Revlon brand ambassadors Olivia Wilde and Emma Stone. I was itching to get to the front of the starting line so I did not get any photos of the ladies! They performed a countdown then confetti covered the crowd!

We started off weaving through the crowd to get a running start. Once we started running it was awesome to be able to run through the streets of NYC. I was shocked that my stamina was not what it was running on the treadmill at the gym and that Jon seemed to be doing better than I was! Once we got into the park it started to get harder, there was a lot of uphill running. As we started to slow down it was seeing little kids zoom past me that motivated me to not wimp out! The best site was seeing the finish line in the distance we sprinted towards it! As we ran through I was so proud to see that we made it there in 33 minutes! Once over the line we were greeted with medals, swag bags, refreshments and lots of well wishers. It was a great experience and something we will definitely do it next year. Even Jon admitted that he enjoyed himself and would be willing to partake in other races with a 5k limit! Till next year EIF Revlon! Anyone know of any races coming up in NYC?


This Weeks Fashion Find

This past week I was searching on and I came across this beauty. Thanks to I had a $10 off coupon that was burning a whole in my email inbox. They had graciously sent me the coupon for my upcoming birthday! I am mildly addicted to online shopping so is one of the many websites that I subscribe to. I was willing to take a chance on this dress made by Romeo & Juliet Couture since it was originally $185 on promotion for $48.30 plus my $10 off! The dress arrived 3 days after being ordered, I was amazed. Upon opening the package I was even happier! The dress was more gorgeous in person and fits like a glove. I can not wait to wear it! If there is one thing I love more than shopping it is a deal!


Guantanamera Restaurant NYC

In my first food post I will be sharing our date night at Guantanamera in midtown NYC. We had made a reservation for a Friday night. So I will be kind on the service given it was the kick off of the weekend in the city! Service was not the best but will save my opinion for when we return on a weekday evening.

ImageWe started off with a very delicious pitcher of mojito. I will warn you they were quite strong but a must have at a Cuban restaurant! I love Cuban food so many wonderful dishes to choose from it is definitely worth the visit. After much deliberation I had decided on the Paella Marinara.ImageI was very happy with my choice! The saffron rice was what made the dish for me. A lot of times I have Paella it is the rice that is not quite right. This was not the case this time, well done Guantanamera!

While I was enjoying the Paella, Jon was quite please with his entree of Rabo Enceido. The oxtail was braised in a red wine sauce and went beautifully with the mashed sweet plantain that was served on the side. ImageGuantanamera has amazing food and great ambiance! We enjoyed our date there and the live Cuban music was a great added touch. A little bit of Cuba in midtown NYC!

Guantanamera NYC

939 8th Ave
(between 55th St & 56th St)
New York, NY 10019


7 Day Full Body Workout for Beginners

After being approached by the men in my life to make a fitness plan that they could follow I decided to make that my first post! I had determined that 7 days would be a good idea to help them form the habit of getting in some exercise on a daily basis. Having been told that going to the gym would be intimidating at first I made a 7 day plan that could be done at home with some free weights. So choose the appropriate weight for your physical level. I have also joined in doing this routine this week. So far it has been a great workout for me. Give it a try and feel free to comment and let me what your thoughts are!

Day 1

Dumbbell Squat 3 sets of 20
Dumbbell Bench Press 3 sets of 20
Dumbbell Lateral Raise 3 sets of 15
Dumbbell Hammer Curl 3 sets of 20
Dumbbell Overhead Tricep Extension 3 sets of 20
Standing Calf Raise 2 sets of 30
Ab Crunches 3 sets of 20
20 minute jog

Day 2

45 minute Run
run 1.5 minutes walk .5 minutes

Day 3

Dumbbell Fly 3 sets of 20
One Arm Dumbbell Row 3 sets of 20 per arm
Dumbbell Shoulder Press 3 sets of 20
Dumbbell Bicep Curls 3 set of 20
Tricep Kickbacks 3 sets of 15
Standing Calve raise 2 sets of 30
Reverse Crunches 3 sets of 20

Day 4

45 minute run
run 1 minute walk 1 minute

Day 5

Dumbbell Squats 3 sets of 20
Alternating Lunges 1 set of 40 per leg
Standing Calve Raise 2 sets of 30
Push Ups 3 sets of 15
Dumbbell Pullover 3 sets of 20
Dumbbell Reverse Fly 3 sets of 15
Bicep Concentration Curl 3 sets of 20 per arm
Lying Dumbbell Extension 3 sets of 20
Oblique Curls 3 sets of 20

Day 6

45 minute run
run 1.5 minutes walk 1 minute

Day 7

60 minute walk or outdoor hike




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