Holiday Fashions for your Baby

Toddler Holiday Dresses
Ralph Lauren Fit and Flare Holiday Dress

I am so obsessed with this Fit and Flare Holiday Dress by Ralph Lauren. The best part is that it is on sale right now!!

Gymboree Duppioni Holiday Dress
Gymboree Duppioni Holiday Dress

This Holiday Duppioni Dress by Gymboree is too cute. Can’t you just imagine the pictures you could get under the tree?

Baby Boy Holiday Fashion
Ralph Lauren Baby Boy Plaid Shirt and Pant Set

We can not forget the boys! Check out this cute Plaid Shirt and Pant Set from Ralph Lauren.

Toddler Holiday Pajamas
Boys Holiday Gnome PJ Set from Gymboree

There are a ton of Holiday PJs to choose from over at Gymboree! I love these Gnome ones for a little boy!

toddler holiday pajamas
Ralph Lauren Reindeer Cotton Sleep Set

I picked up a pair of these adorable Reindeer Cotton pajamas by Ralph Lauren for our little gal. I can not wait to put them on her!

*disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links but includes products I do love!


My Holiday Wish List… Part 1

I have been having a really hard time figuring out what I would like to get for Christmas. I find it is getting harder and harder every year. After much debate, here is a look at some of the things I would love to have. I am sure there will be a follow up post with more stuff at some point!

Uggs Amie
Uggs Amie in Navy

I love my Uggs and I am sure the new Uggs Amie is not going to disapoint. I mean all the comfort of my Uggs but a little slimmer look. I also have a thing for navy lately.


I have been searching high and low for a down puffy jacket that does not look like a huge sleeping bag. I think this one may be it! Michael Kors is always a winner ūüôā

Vince Camuto Infinity Scarf
Vince Camuto Infinity Scarf

How cute is this infinity scarf from Vince Camuto?? I think it would go perfect with the above items! and it is a killer price at $20.00!

Ralph Lauren Cashmere Lined Leather Gloves
Ralph Lauren Cashmere Lined Leather Gloves

As I look at this post, I guess I really need some outerwear items hahaha. I really do not have a good pair of gloves. I definitely need a pair of leather gloves for sure!

C by Bloomingdales Dip Dye Crew Neck Sweater
C by Bloomingdales Dip Dye Crew Neck Sweater

I saw this sweater on a character on my favorite show General Hospital and I loved it. How cute is this sweater?

Moth Marled Mockneck Sweater from Anthropologie
Moth Marled Mockneck Sweater from Anthropologie

Another totally fabulous sweater that I found online. It comes in 3 colors but I really love this rust mix!

Michael Kors Small Rhea Backpack in Navy
Michael Kors Small Rhea Backpack in Navy

I have not owned a back pack since my school days but I am in love with this leather one from MK. Think of all the baby stuff I could squeeze into it!

Kate Spade New York Cedar Street, Stacey Wallet
Kate Spade New York Cedar Street, Stacey Wallet

This wallet is cute and would go with anything, plus it has been forever since I got a new wallet!

This caps off my wish list….. for now. You never know what else may come up!



Beauty Gift Idea: Derm Exclusive

Derm Exclusive

Are you looking for a gift idea for the skin care lover in your life?

With Derm Exclusive,you can see instant results‚ÄĒwith Fill & Freeze¬ģ Wrinkle Treatment, the fine lines and wrinkles disappear before your eyes. Reverse the visible signs of aging with no harmful ingredients such as parabens, sulfates, or comedogenic ingredients.

Derm Exclusive is¬†clinically proven to deliver professional-grade results like you’d get from a single cosmetic procedure such as microdermabrasion, injections and fillers, chemical peels, and laser treatments‚ÄĒ without ever leaving your home. It’s an advanced anti-aging system using ingredients often recommended by dermatologists to prevent and treat visible signs of aging. ¬†You can turn back the clock with no needles, no lasers, no peels, and no pain.

Why does Derm Exclusive work?

Derm Exclusive uses professional-grade ingredients work together to prevent and treat all 4 signs of aging: fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, dull skin and sagging with loss of elasticity. The system contains only the highest-quality, most powerful ingredients that are proven to work and prescribed by dermatologists, such as: Micro Peel Resurfacing Pads: Glycolic, salicyclic, and malic acids gently exfoliate without irritation. ¬†Intensive Repair Serum: Antioxidant vitamin C helps fade dark spots and can help prevent future sun damage. Collagen Lift Moisturizer: Encapsulated retinol boosts collagen production and helps to prevent sagging, while also reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Fill & Freeze Wrinkle Treatment: Micro-Smoothing Peptides relax “crease memory” to smooth out lines and wrinkles.

Dr. Andrew Ordon is a top Beverly Hills plastic surgeon and host on TV’s The Doctors. He has 30+ years experience, certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, the American Board of Otolaryngology, the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, and the National Board of Medical Examiners. I love him on The Doctors!

Check out this video for further info on the products:

If you are looking for a gift or you need help with skin care for yourself check out Derm Exclusive. You will be so glad that you did! You can find it by clicking the image below or go to my Shop Page and have a peek around.

Disclosure: This post does include affiliate links as I am a Beachbody coach that works with and uses Derm Exclusive.

Free People December Catalog

Free People
Free People December Catalog

The December catalog has arrived! Now’s the time for a change of pace. Embody the season’s modern-bohemian mood with 100+ new styles! Discover what’s new at Free People this week!

The December Catalog – Join Free People as they reveal the first glimmers of their spring 2016 assortment! Resolving to fulfil one’s wanderlust, they traveled to the mystical lands of Morocco, making stops in Chefchaouen, the striking blue city, and the Sahara Dessert. The collection highlights a modern-bohemian mood with a simpler approach to dressing. Complete your bohemian inspired looks today! Shop The December Catalog today!

The Shoe Shop РGet a leg up this season! From the perfect ankle boots to casual-cool sneakers, the perfect pairs are waiting for you!  Why not put some shoes on your wish list! Shop The Shoe Shop today!

My obsession with FP has been going on for years now. If you have not been to the Free People site you need to check it out! Their Holiday Collection is pretty incredible.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. I love Free People and stand behind their products ūüôā



Congratulations to Ice-T and Coco!

I used to love to watch Ice-T and Coco on tv. Congratulations to the happy couple on the birth of their beautiful baby girl, Chanel. Coco gave birth to the little gal early and she came in at 5 pounds 7 ounces. A fantastic early holiday gift for the couple. Once again, congratulations Ice-T and Coco!!

Coco Austin Pregnant
Coco before little Chanel was born. Photo courtesy of @coco on IG
Coco Austin Pregnant
Ice-T and Coco
Coco Austin gives birth
New Baby Chanel Photo Courtesy of Instagram @coco

Black Friday Deals with Beachbody

Good Morning! Black Friday has come early for my clients and new clients with Beachbody. I can not tell you how excited I have been for this sale. These are some of the best prices we will see all year. Some of the workout DVDs are even $5.00! This deals would make for amazing stocking stuffers for the fitness lover in your life.

Click here to check out the deals but do not wait, these products tend to sell out very fast!

Black Friday Deals
Black Friday Deals


Black Friday Deals
Black Friday Deals

Get ready to start your New Years Resolution goals today!

Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello Wedding

If you have not seen or heard Modern Family star Sofia Vergara and Magic Mike star Joe Manganiello tied the know yesterday. The wedding took place in the evening at the Breakers Resort in Palm Beach, Florida. Unlike most celebrities Sofia has been super generous with her fans. She had wedding event photos posted on her social media account over the last 3 days to share with her fans. This is a great tactic to keep the paparazzi at bay and to let their fans in and see how happy they are on this joyous occasion.

If you have not seen any of the images here are a few:

Image Courtesy of @sofiavergara
Image Courtesy of @sofiavergara
Image Courtesy of @SofiaVergara
Image Courtesy of @SofiaVergara
Image Courtesy of @SofiaVergara
Image Courtesy of @SofiaVergara
Image courtesy of @SofiaVergara
Image courtesy of @SofiaVergara
Image courtesy of @SofiaVergara
Image courtesy of @SofiaVergara
Image Courtesy of @SofiaVergara
Image Courtesy of @SofiaVergara

Hit Your Health Goals With Some High-Tech Help

11_11_15 picture

With the holidays just around the corner, you have to be proactive about your health and build¬†good habits now, before you’re surrounded by platters of temptation and eggnog. But¬†committing to a workout routine will only get you so far because exercise is only half of the¬†equation.

When it comes to food, garbage in equals garbage out. Keeping a food diary can greatly help to hold yourself accountable. Luckily, the following devices, apps and programs are making this easier than ever before.

Jawbone UP3

While Jawbone built its reputation on tracking steps and sleep, their latest version is packed full¬†of other features. One of the¬†UP3’s most notable features¬†is a food log in its companion app.¬†With a clean and crisp display that makes this process as simple as possible, it features a bar¬†code scanner and a photo function, so you can take a picture of your meal as well as manually¬†input nutritional information. Once you enter your meal, the app provides a Food Score, so you¬†know how healthy of a choice it was in terms of your overall health goals.

Price: $179.99


Nutrino takes the guesswork out of what you need to eat to reach your health goals. Simply enter your goal and the program works its magic to create a completely personalized meal plan. It also features a highly detailed food diary, so you can track your meals over time. Nutrino is especially useful if you have food allergies or dietary restrictions, as the meal plans can be custom-tailored to meet those needs.

Price: Free


In an age where you can track everything from your steps to your sleep patterns using a variety of apps¬†and devices, Apple’s native iOS Health app is a welcome simplification if you’re an iPhone user. While¬†the app is capable of tracking everything from your nutrition intake to your reproductive health stats to¬†your heart rate, daily steps and sleep, the real value in Health lies in being able to aggregate data from¬†all of your other health and fitness apps and devices into one place. You can quickly link your favorite¬†tracking apps to Health, where everything syncs seamlessly and displays in a cohesive, easy-to-understand format. The latest Health app features are¬†optimized to perform best on the new iPhone 6s,¬†so you’ll want to upgrade your device to get the most out of this app.

Price: Free

Weight Watchers Online Plus

While hearing “Weight Watchers” may give you flashbacks of cheesy ’90s commercials¬†promoting the brand, this evidence-based method for teaching healthy eating habits has gotten¬†a face-lift in recent years, and now even Oprah is using it. Although the company’s previous¬†model required attending in-person meetings, you can now¬†participate entirely online using¬†their OnlinePlus program. It includes access to an eight-week video series to learn healthy¬†habits, 24/7 chat with its experts, customized meal plans, recipes and an online community of¬†other participants for added support. This web-based interface also features integration with¬†many popular fitness wearables, so you can get credit for your activity in Weight Watcher’s¬†signature PointsPlus values.

Price: From $4.91 a week for a three-month plan


If you are looking for a comprehensive food diary companion to your activity logs and you like to¬†think in terms of calories,¬†MyFitnessPal is for you. Available for iOS, Android, Windows and¬†Blackberry, its accessible for a broader audience, which has partly attributed to its widespread¬†success. MyFitnessPal boasts the world’s largest calorie and nutrition database with over five¬†million foods. This massive database makes it easy to log everything you eat and drink, so you¬†can get back to your workout.

Price: Free

Motivation Monday: Change your life

It is Monday and in my social media circles that means it is time to get motivated. You know “Motivational Monday”??

I love Monday and I am going to tell you why. Monday rocks. It is the first day of the week, a time to make new goals and to really start fresh if you need to. Why do a lot of people hate Monday?

The obvious reason is that they have to go to work on Monday morning. I am telling you if you love what you do, is that really all that bad?

Find something that really lights a fire under you. Find your passion. It took me a really long to time to get to that place but I am finally there and I can tell you that it is such a relief to love every day. I mean I am obviously human and have bad days but there is absolutely something awesome in everyday.

You could attribute my change of attitude in that fact that I now work from home. I will admit I am really lucky to be able to do so. This all really started when I had o stay home and wait for my residency after moving to the States. This blog was what really kept me from going stir crazy. Then the amazing thing happened, people started reading it. The other great part is that people started to offer me jobs that pertained to my blog. I had a hobby that I loved and I was making income on it.

After blogging for a while, I had also made some incredible relationships within the fashion and fitness community. Most of these relationships flourished over social media. Social media is totally awesome if you know how to use it properly and I love it. I have many new friendships and work relationships that I would not have if it was not for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. This also lead me to my biggest passion: fitness coaching.

I met some fabulous people within the fitness community on Instagram and I started to think about becoming a Beachbody coach. Yep, a beachbody coach. I know there are tons of them out there and lot on Social Media. Why did I want to be a beachbody coach?

Simple answer: Beachbody works. I used Beachbody programs to help myself lose my baby weight and it worked. Not only do beachbody programs work, they can inspire you to want to help other people to do the same. Beachbody has this incredible program that allows you to help others through the programs and to keep them on track in their weight loss journey. I became and coach and have not regretted it even for a second.

The other amazing part of being a Beachbody coach has been being part of a team. I would love to talk to you about being a part of this amazing experience. If we are the right fit and you are serious, I would love to mentor you in the start of your Beachbody coaching business. Shoot me an email at and let’s chat!



Feature Challenge Group November : Cize


Get into great shape at home with Shaun T’s newest, intense dance fitness program. You’ll have so much fun challenging yourself to master the dance choreography during this 4 week program that you won’t even realize you are getting a great cardio workout. CIZE truly is “The end of exercize.”

In each routine, Shaun breaks down challenging moves step-by-step, and builds them into a full dance sequence in just 35-40 minutes. So, while you are mastering the dance moves, you’ll also be burning fat and calories.

I will be running my first Cize challenge group in November and I would love for you to join me! Email me at or message me on my Facebook page and let’s get you registered. Get ready for lots of FUN, DANCING and loads of laughs together!

What are the commitments for a CIZE Challenge Group?


Approximately 35‚Äď40 minutes a day (7 days a week, including 1 day of rest per week), 28 days total.


Follow the EAT UP! Meal Plan for simple, healthy recipes and to learn how to eat the right portions, so you can lose weight and reach your fitness goals without depriving yourself.

Progress Tracking:

Take photos and measurements on Days 1 and 28 and record your results on the Measurement Tracker on the Beginner or Advanced Calendar.



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