Welcome to my adventures of fitness, fashion and food in NYC! I decided to start my blog in May of 2013 as a way to share my passions for fitness, food and fashion with others. I hope to inspire and entertain others to live a healthy life and to have fun in the city or where your home may be. I hope you’ll join me as I share my journey in the big apple while focusing on my loves: fitness, fashion and food!



Meet Joanne

Owner and Operator of NYC Fit Food Fashion!

Blogger,freelance writer and beachbody coach. Joanne is a wife, mommy and very busy work at home mom. Joanne’s blend of real life friendly, fashion, food and fitness advice makes her relatable to both city and suburban moms a like! Her love of fitness, food, cooking and fashion can be seen in her blog posts here and over at cleaneatingmommy.com. Joanne’s happiest place to be is at home with her husband Jon and their one year old daughter Emma.

Please feel free to contact Joanne for any questions that you may have about the blog or if you are looking for a beachbody coach!