Exercise, workout, cardio, yoga and the other form of practise will help you maintaining the body weight. When it comes to the maintenance of your muscle there are strict diet and exercise which you need to be focused. Muscles get loosen very easily one wrong move and the entire effort will go on toss. Muscles are all over your body and it won’t take more than 30 minutes for you to maintain it and if it’s done rigorously than even twice a week would be sufficient.

There are over 500 muscles in your body which pump in the blood throughout below exercise will help you to work upon particular muscles to help in maintaining them.

Push ups– There are multiple variations of push ups and these helps in maintaining the chest, abdominals, shoulders and arms muscle.

1. Lie down on the floor by keeping your ankle straight and knees all high.

2. Place your palms on the floor with a bit of the sides in front of your shoulders.

3. Keep your chest and chin tucked and face towards the floor.

4. Lift your body by balancing your arms and feet. Repeat it for around 10 times relax by lying down for some time.

Squats– It helps in strengthening the entire body but this is wonderful for thighs, hips and buttocks muscle.

1. Stand on the feet by keeping things apart from each other.

2. Bend a little to the back and go on your heels with hands on the hips.

3. Make a chair like posture and breathe in and out for a better focus keep counting your breathe.

Arm press– This could be done with or without the equipments, this support the arms and shoulder muscles.

1. Pickup the dumbbells or a ice freeze bottle covered with a napkin in each hands, sit on the chair which is firm and comfortable to support your back.

2. Place your feet on the ground, maintain the gap between your chair and the back.

3. Bend the elbows and raise the dumbbells or ice bottle up and level them to your ears.

Plank– there are around 50 variations in plank, when the routine exercise gets boring try all the variations. Abdominals, shoulders, chest, lower back, buttocks, and thighs muscles are the basic that is covered under plank.

1. Lie on the ground, hands straight keeping the elbow apart.

2. Place the balance on the forearms and toes.

3. Pull your abs and focus on the hips and do not let it drop.

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