It is Monday and in my social media circles that means it is time to get motivated. You know “Motivational Monday”??

I love Monday and I am going to tell you why. Monday rocks. It is the first day of the week, a time to make new goals and to really start fresh if you need to. Why do a lot of people hate Monday?

The obvious reason is that they have to go to work on Monday morning. I am telling you if you love what you do, is that really all that bad?

Find something that really lights a fire under you. Find your passion. It took me a really long to time to get to that place but I am finally there and I can tell you that it is such a relief to love every day. I mean I am obviously human and have bad days but there is absolutely something awesome in everyday.

You could attribute my change of attitude in that fact that I now work from home. I will admit I am really lucky to be able to do so. This all really started when I had o stay home and wait for my residency after moving to the States. This blog was what really kept me from going stir crazy. Then the amazing thing happened, people started reading it. The other great part is that people started to offer me jobs that pertained to my blog. I had a hobby that I loved and I was making income on it.

After blogging for a while, I had also made some incredible relationships within the fashion and fitness community. Most of these relationships flourished over social media. Social media is totally awesome if you know how to use it properly and I love it. I have many new friendships and work relationships that I would not have if it was not for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. This also lead me to my biggest passion: fitness coaching.

I met some fabulous people within the fitness community on Instagram and I started to think about becoming a Beachbody coach. Yep, a beachbody coach. I know there are tons of them out there and lot on Social Media. Why did I want to be a beachbody coach?

Simple answer: Beachbody works. I used Beachbody programs to help myself lose my baby weight and it worked. Not only do beachbody programs work, they can inspire you to want to help other people to do the same. Beachbody has this incredible program that allows you to help others through the programs and to keep them on track in their weight loss journey. I became and coach and have not regretted it even for a second.

The other amazing part of being a Beachbody coach has been being part of a team. I would love to talk to you about being a part of this amazing experience. If we are the right fit and you are serious, I would love to mentor you in the start of your Beachbody coaching business. Shoot me an email at and let’s chat!