Most savvy business owners know that if they want to secure custom and a good reputation, it’s vital that they treat their clients well. Being respectful, polite, and meeting clients’ wishes on time are just some crucial ways of keeping clients happy, however more and more business owners are also turning to giving corporate gifts in order to keep their clients coming back for more. The market for corporate incentives in the US alone is worth around $38 billion, with most of that money being spent on small token gifts such as inexpensive bottles of alcohol or even events tickets. When it comes to buying gifts for their employees, your average US company will spend around $25 per head. With this in mind, more and more companies are turning to edibles as corporate gifts – after all, everybody loves food.


Inexpensive Edible Gifts

The best thing about buying edible gifts is that it’s entirely possible to buy them in bulk making it much easier for companies to gift their clients and employees. Gifts such as chocolate boxes are also quite inexpensive per box, meaning that companies won’t even have to stretch to the full $25 per person yet can still give their employees and clients a small gift that will make them feel valued and that they will enjoy.

Best Edible Corporate Gift Ideas

When it comes to choosing great edible corporate gifts for your clients and employees, there are a multitude of different options for you to choose from. For those looking to save money or those with a small gift budget, inexpensive boxes of chocolates or even doughnuts are often a great choice that are sure to bring a smile to the recipient’s face. Other great edible gift ideas are gift vouchers for restaurants, food hampers, and even treating your clients and employees to a fully paid for meal out. Cookies are also a great choice for an edible gift – check out the great range of edible corporate gift ideas at GJ Cookies.

Why You Should Give Customers Gifts

Along with giving corporate gifts to your employees and clients, it’s also a great idea to include your customers – many customers actually prefer gifts over discounts. Whether it’s the holiday season or you have a special event on that you would like to attract more customers into your business for, giving out free gifts is a sure-fire way to entice more people. There are a number of different gift options that you can give to your customers, whether it be small free gifts with a purchase that they can use such as pens or shopping trolley coins – but edible gifts are often the best way to attract customers. Offer candy, cookies, or even chocolates to anyone who walks into your store for a day – you won’t be disappointed with the footfall!

Can you think of any more great edible corporate gifts ideas that could be given to clients, employees or even customers? How do you gift your employees and clients at the holiday season? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.