Wherever the destination may be for a night out, a woman will always want to appear as fashionable and attractive as possible. With the rise of casino online and other major casino sites, the land based casinos have become a popular destination. When it comes to going for a night out a casino, many people can often be left scratching their head about what to wear. The movies often portray casinos as places of tuxedos and high glamour dresses, but many modern day ones are far more relaxed about clothing.

This article will show you what to wear for those casinos with strict dress codes and those without.

High class casino dress

Looking at the stricter, high class casinos first, you should opt for a dress that is eye-catching without being overly skimpy – as the latter could see you fall foul of the dress code. Consider something like a little black dress, as this always impresses. Alternatively, you may want to go for a maxi dress, as these are fashionable and also classy. For shoes, high heels mean high glamour, while you should also consider light accessories. Jewellery (go with ‘less is more’ when it comes to that) and a nice bag will set off your outfit without setting off dress code alarms. T-shirts, jeans and trainers are all examples of clothes to avoid for this sort of casino.

Informal casino dress

It is only the casinos in big cities that tend to have strict dress codes, so if you visit your local land-based one, you don’t always have to dress to the nines. Here you can wear a comfortable jacket, blouse and trousers with flats if you want to concentrate on the gaming first and foremost, or a cocktail skirt and heels with red lipstick if you are there to party. Alternatively, if there is no firm dress code, you may be able to just wear a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and trainers – although these should still be clean and properly pressed.

Ultimately, it is always smartest to contact the casino you intend to visit and find out what their dress policy is, in advance – as you don’t want your night to end at the door.