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Aside from the fact that there are often discounts given for early or advanced bookings for parties and other events, there are actually a number of other reasons why early party planning is a good idea. Since a Christmas party is typically something employers throw to show their employees gratitude for another good year, the party ought to be nice. Therefore, since we know awesome parties don’t throw themselves, it’s a bit important to look at what goes into planning a company Christmas bash. Following are just a few reasons why early planning and bookings can make or break your party.

Ordering Your Invitations

Barring any unforeseen circumstances you probably know who will be in your employ this coming Christmas. Getting your invitations designed, ordered and mailed is something you will want to do as early as possible. What good is an elaborate bash if you don’t invite people properly? Yes, some of you will choose e-vites but really, the old-fashioned way is so much nicer in our opinion. Many companies choose to keep a few blank invitations for last-minute additions so that is something you may want to think about doing.

Booking Live Entertainment

Keep in mind that loads of other people are going to be planning their Christmas events early. If you want to get in the running with the perfect choice in live entertainment you really should start booking your acts straight away. There is nothing worse than planning a superb party only to find your choice of entertainment limited at best. Go out and scout for new bands or look online for some ideas. Remember, the good ones go fast so get your entertainment sorted. In fact, many people start booking their bands before they do anything else. This is because you want to make sure the dates your entertainment act is available will mesh with your venue and so forth.

Hiring Caterers and Bar Service

Start looking at companies like for your mobile bar service. You can’t possibly have a great Christmas party without a great liquor service! Many a memory is created at the good old company Christmas party each year and to carry on that tradition you will want to be sure you are not lacking in the drinks department. Like your venue and your entertainment, your mobile bar service can book solid as early as August. To avoid settling for last pick or pouring the drinks yourself at your company’s party, grab a solid bar service and get your dates locked in.

Planning any party early can help eliminate some very serious headaches. It doesn’t matter if you are planning for 50 or for 500 at your Christmas party, getting your plans laid out early and having all your ducks in a row will help to ensure a successful event. As soon as you know the dates that work best for your company and the venue you’d like to go with, start calling around and looking online to be sure you have everything ready on time.