We know you only have so much closet and drawer space, much less shopping budget, to go around this spring. Making the home a place of retreat where people look forward to going to rest, unwind and rejuvenate after a long day is a definite trend in decorating and it has spilled over into fashion. Whether you are looking for something you can put on after a long day at work or school, or want something that will look good when spending a lazy weekend at home, using sleepwear as loungewear is an excellent choice.

Classic Long-Sleeve Pajama Set: Perfect for Chilly Spring Nights and Mornings

Early spring tends to be a bit chilly, and snuggling up in a set of long-sleeve pajamas is just the thing after a long day. You’re covered up enough that if someone does happen to come to the door, you could answer it, but this outfit, with its drawstring pant and unrestricted top, allows you to relax and feel free the moment you slip it on.

T-shirt and Pajama Pant Set: Light, Fun Choice

If you like to have your legs covered up at night but are concerned that long-sleeved pajamas may be too heavy for you, consider buying a set featuring a T-shirt and pair of pajama pants in a flattering solid color of your choice.

The advantage of choosing this type of set is that you could get away with wearing it if friends stopped by unexpectedly after you had changed into your pajamas after arriving home at the end of the day or on a weekend. Unless you told someone who you were still wearing your sleepwear, no one would be the wiser!

There are a number of lovely nightshirts, gowns, camisole and short combinations available, but you can’t throw a jacket over top of them and run out to the corner store if you run out of something in a pinch. (Technically you could, but you may end up getting way more attention than you had bargained for….)

Tank Top and Capris: Go Casual for Bedtime and Hanging Out

When you want a casual, fuss-free look, a tank top and Capri pants is definitely the way to go. No extra fabric to get caught when you roll over during sleep like when you wear a nightshirt or gown, and you won’t be too hot at night. When you want to hang out at home, you’ll look neat and casual. If you feel a bit chilly, just add a hoodie for warmth.

Pajama Shorts: For When you Can’t Wait for Summer

Who says shorts are just for the summer, anyway? Get comfortable and wear pajama shorts to bed and around the house for spring. Loose-fitting shorts will help you to get the rest you need and feel relaxed while lounging, and several styles of tops are available to go with them, including T-shirts, tank tops, button down shirts, and ribbed half sleeve tops.

 Author Bio: I am Sophie Eagan, and I love anything fashion. I thought I would share this publication with you all as sleepwear is not covered that much online, I think being comfortable and looking great before and when in bed is just as important as evening and summer wear. I was actually going to cover the onesie in this article as many adults are now taking to wearing them!

Image courtesy of marin at FreeDigitalPhotos.net