If you ask most women this question, you will probably receive mixed responses. Some women believe a woman should always wear a bra throughout the course of the day regardless of what she will be doing. On the other hand, there are women that believe bras should be worn when the woman wants to wear one or when the occasion requires the wearing of one. For many women the decision on when to wear a bra and what kind of bra they are wearing is dependent upon the event or occasion. Over the years there has been research done regarding whether or not women really need to wear bras. The researchers have come to conflicting decisions in whether or not women should or should not wear bras.

Researchers Against the Wearing of Bras

There are some researchers out there that state women, in general, should not wear bras. They suggest that despite the belief that bras help with sagging breasts, that is in fact not the case according to their research. Following a study of 330 volunteers ranging from 18 to 35 over the course of 15 years, French researchers found that by going without a bra for a year women had firmer breasts, the nipples were sitting higher than they were previously, and that stretch marks faded. They went on to say that, the wearing of bras causes the deterioration of the muscles that support the breast because the growth of breast tissue is hindered.

Researchers also claim that wearing bras can cause unnecessary neck and shoulder pain. This idea is one that is shared by researchers on the to wear or not to wear a bra debate because the fact remains, if a woman wears the wrong size and type of bra it will not give the proper support or dig into the shoulders which can lead to extensive back, neck, and shoulder pain. One woman who took part in the survey agreed with the researchers’ suggestion that not wearing a bra helps with back pain. She stated she had better posture, reduced back pain, and was even breathing much better, all because of going braless.

Researchers and Doctors for the Wearing of Bras

One of the major issues related to whether or not women should wear bras is the notion of sagging. Researchers claim that individuals that choose not to wear a bra will suffer from sagging breasts more than women that go without the simple, decorative, or sheer lingerie. A doctor that specializes in breast health states that the wearing of bras is essential when it comes to helping fend off sagging breasts. Even women with smaller breasts need to be aware that once gravity and age has started to impact where your breasts sit on your body the only thing that can reverse that process is costly and painful plastic surgery.

Those individuals that support women wearing bras also state that wearing the proper bra to fit your breasts, as well as the right style, can help a woman reduce pain in the back, neck, and shoulders. A proper fitting bra also has the ability to help with a woman’s posture.

At the end of the day, it truly is a woman’s decision if she wears a bra or not. If a woman can go without wearing a bra, or use alternatives, like chemises or nipple covers, she can live happily without the problems associated with wearing a bra.

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