Slim in 6 Review
Slim in 6 Review

I finished Slim in 6 almost 2 weeks ago but I went on vacation and never had a chance to share with you guys on how well it worked out. I loved Slim in 6 so much that I have decided to keep going with it until I do the 21 Day Fix Extreme after Easter. I will be posting more about that as we get closer to the start.

Slim in 6 is an older program but I found that I had better results with it than I did with PIYO. The workouts are 60-80 minutes in length but well worth it. I had lost 8 pounds by the end of the 6 weeks and I am a lot more toned. The number on the scale is not the most important part. I was more impressed with the amount of tone that I am getting in my abs and my arms especially. After having the baby I did not think that I would be able to see definition in my abs again but I am getting there.

I highly recommend doing the Slim in 6 program. If you do decide to give it a try, you will need:

  • 3-8 pound weights ( I normally alternate between 3 and 5 pounds)
  • resistance bands
  • heart rate monitor (optional)
  • ankle weights (optional)

I did not use ankle weights or a heart rate monitor but I am considering on investing in them. Since I have decided to continue with the Slim in 6 program, I may find it beneficial going forward.

Coming back from vacation, I am happy to say that I only gained back 3 of the 8 pounds that I had lost. Now that I am back home, I have already jumped back into the Slim in 6 program. To keep things interesting I may alternate between PIYO and Slim in 6 until I start the 21 Day Extreme. If you guys have any questions about Slim in 6 or Beachbody in general please ask away! I promise to be honest with my responses and I help you where I can.