Binge Eating
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The holidays are a time of indulgence. Most people pack on serious pounds within the span of a week, but according to some experts, people largely don’t care that they’re fattening their liver or adding wiggly bits to their midsection. It’s almost a rite of passage. But, if you normally fall off the wagon during the holiday season, and you want to get back on it for the spring, here’s how to replace your excuses with healthy alternatives.

Stop Treating Every Holiday as an Excuse to Binge

Holidays are a wonderful way to celebrate, but that celebration doesn’t always have to turn into a rationalization for eating junk food. If you’re the type of person who goes through periods of deprivation and binge-eating, here’s how to get off the cycle: Stop depriving yourself.

That doesn’t mean that you should binge eat all the time. But, you should be comfortable eating sweet foods in moderation once in a while, while concentrating most of your efforts on eating nutritious foods most of the time. Instead of letting loose at every holiday, use the “principle of concentrated awesome” to enjoy yourself.

Get the most expensive treat you can afford – it’s rate-limiting. Adding serious cost to your “cheat days,” will curb your desire to binge.

Take It Easy at Easter

That second helping is rarely necessary, even at Easter dinner. But, many people toss logic to the wind and do it anyway. Here’s an alternative: focus on eating a normal meal and not breaking your routine. A lot of Easter feasts force you to break your normal routine. People will skip breakfast and then overeat at dinner – and then pay the consequences. Instead, have a healthy breakfast and lunch, and then eat a sensible Easter meal.

You’ll enjoy yourself much more, and you still get to have your chocolate Easter bunny.

Controlling Holiday Cheer

Those food holidays like 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are sneaky. You never really realize the amount of snacks that make it into your mouth until you hit the scales a week later. A great way to fight this problem is to maintain your normal routine as best as you possibly – just like with other day. Don’t skip your morning workouts and continue to exercise moderation.

You can also supplement the sugary snacks with some great diabetic recipes from LifeScan Canada Ltd. Low-sugar options will be lower in calories and good for you, even if you’re not diabetic.

Drink Smoothies Every Day

Smoothies are another great way to fill you up so that you just don’t have the appetite for junk food around the holidays. Make a fruit or vegetable smoothie and throw in an egg or two, and you’ve got yourself a healthy meal replacement.

Go For an Hour-Long Walk Every Morning

People will make all sorts of excuses for not exercising, but they will gleefully watch five hours of television at night. Instead of following the herd, trade in one hour of television for an hour of walking. If you can’t give up the TV, try using an exercise bike while you watch. You can also get up and move around during commercials. You’ll feel better, it’ll help to keep the weight off, or at least steady, and you’ll be doing your body good long-term.

Author Bio: Joe Kee has worked hard to lose over 30 pounds. A passionate writer, he hopes to help others by posting what has worked best for him. Look for his informative and helpful articles on a variety of websites and blogs today.