Wearing glasses sometimes appears to be as much a fashion statement as a necessity, but celebrities are no different to the rest of us when it comes to needing some help with their eyesight.

Here is a look at some high-profile spec wearers and maybe some of them are wearing them as part of their look, especially if they already been to somewhere like this site and taken the increasingly popular option of having laser eye surgery instead of relying on glasses or contact lenses.

Kimberley Walsh – Aloud and proud about her glasses

The Girls Aloud singer Kimberley Walsh has been seen in some stunning pictures wearing her bold glasses. Her view seems to be that wearing glasses can be a fun way of expressing yourself and don’t be afraid to wear something bold.

Apparently, Kimberley is definitely one of those celebrities that actually needs help with her eyesight and has been wearing her glasses for about six years.

Looking good in glasses

The paparazzi are always busy snapping away and capturing numerous different celebrities who almost seem to be sporting a different look each time you see them in public.

Stars like Anne Hathaway, Rashida Jones and Jenny McCarthy have all been spotted wearing dark-rimmed glasses that are either part of their look or might actually be needed, but they certainly seem to grab the attention of the photographers.

Karlie Kloss has been spotted wearing a turtle-shell pair of glasses and Jennifer Aniston is often seen wearing various different pairs of spectacles, and certainly manages to look good in whatever pair of glasses she is sporting.

Big Glasses for big personalities

Large glasses certainly seem to be a popular choice as well as dark-rimmed spectacles. Anne Hathaway has been seen sporting an over-sized pair of glasses as one of her choices and Lady Gaga seems to have her own set of wardrobe rules as we know, so big glasses for her are definitely sometimes an option.

Chloe Sevigny is not afraid to go for bold frames and bold lips, complimenting her bold statement glasses with an equally bold red lipstick to stand out from the crowd.

If you are trying to achieve a laid-back yet edgy look, you might want to take a look at how Rhianna has got that covered with her glasses and another fashion leader rather than follower, Katy Perry, manages to pull off another glamorous look with a pair of cat eye frames.

Helena Bonham Carter is definitely a unique personality and she has been seen sporting several pairs of quirky glasses around town, which seem to manage to sum her up quite well and proves that glasses can be used to make a fashion statement and also say something about the person wearing them.

Buddy Holly style eye wear certainly seems to be trending at the moment and maybe some of these celebrities are wearing their glasses out of necessity, or perhaps they rely on their contacts or have had laser eye treatment, we can’t say for sure.

Image courtesy of imagerymajestic at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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