Juicing Diet vs Souping Diet

Hey readers! How is everyone’s New Years resolution going? Have you ever tried the juicing diet?  I am still going pretty strong with the Slim in 6 workout program and I am seeing good results. Everyone is looking for a way to lose weight this time of year. I know this because my most popular post this month was a post I wrote last year on the Paleo diet and putting butter in your coffee to lose weight. The latest craze right now is Souping. Similar to the juicing diet but obviously less sugars but if you are using store-bought soup lots of sodium.

I never jumped on the juicing diet trend, just the thought of it made me hungry. The idea of just consuming juice as a detox sounded like something that was sure to have me regain the weight the first day I stopped. As I was doing my research for this post I found that there were a few companies popping up that will deliver soups to you for the souping cleanse such as Soupure souping diet system.  Let’s take a closer look at this trend.

Soup can be a healthy meal. Soup is delicious and is a lot more filling than a glass of juice. It’s a high volume meal with protein, carbs and fiber all in one warm bowl.  The soup will keep you fuller longer in comparison to juice or meal replacements such as protein shakes etc.  Think of all the hearty vegetables that you could add to a home-made soup!

The biggest thing to remember is that there are a lot of healthy soups but there are also high calorie soups out there. Stick to soups that have a clear broth or tomato base. Stay away from cream based soups for the obvious reason that they are high in fat.

If you are going to join the souping revolution, why not make your own soups? I love to make my own soups at home. I love the smell of a big pot of soup simmering all day. I try not to buy soups because of all of the sodium that is in them. When I do buy soup at the store, I buy Amy’s Organic low sodium brand. They are delicious and will not contain 100% of your sodium for the whole day!

The other thing is, will the weight loss last. Like any diet, this is not meant to be on long-term. I did the old soup diet of the 90’s many times and I can tell you, I always lost weight and I always gained it back.  Short-term diets are not long-lasting and never will be. If you are looking for a short weight loss, for an event or a trip then go for it but long-term the only thing that works is a balanced diet and exercise.

Why not add soup to your regular diet? I would never say eat soup all day but how about have it for lunch a few times a week. It is a great way to get in a lot of veggies and it is healthy for the whole family. Here are a few recipes that are healthy and easy to make at home:

What is your favorite soup recipe? Have you ever done the juicing diet?  Feel free to leave comments below. We love feedback!

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