Sexy DressIt’s easy to find great looking dresses online, but how do you know which ones will look great on you? We all want the perfect sexy party dress and, with a little fashion sense, it’s not that hard to find. Here are four steps to make sure you look super sexy in your next dress:

The right shoes make anything sexy – A girl can look sexy in any situation just by owning three pairs of shoes: one really good set of pumps, one pair of tall boots and one pair of open toe sandals. These three pairs of footwear cover all four seasons and run the gamut of casual/formal occasions. Plus, they all pair well with a variety of styles of sexy party dresses. Remember, the legs and calves are some of the sexiest parts of a woman’s body, so your footwear naturally works together with your dress to make you pop. Consider your hosiery too—use a color that contrasts with the dress for a glam touch, or go with classic nude for something more subdued and elegant.

Never go too long – We don’t mean you have to show off a lot of leg (though we love the looks that do). There are lots of sexy party dresses that fall below the knee, or even down to the ankle. These dresses can be sexy because of the way they hug your body, because of a slit down the side, or because they are flowy and hint at things covered up. But even long sexy dresses should not drag on the ground—ever! Whether it’s an evening gown or a sun dress, your toes should be visible at the bottom.

Choose a shape that complements your figure – Just considering how a specific cut of dress accentuates your figure (or not) goes a long way toward choosing the perfect sexy outfit. This is especially true in the bust area: women with a larger bust will do best with a dress with straps, which will draw the eyes upward and also support them. Women with a small bust can look very charming in a strapless dress, but may consider a belt around the waist to help establish more of an hourglass. These small touches make a big difference.

Price isn’t everything – Remember, you don’t have to spend a fortune to find a truly sexy party dress. Sexiness comes from the cut, the fit, and your sense of style in how you accessorize. It’s not determined by the label or the price tag.

What’s the sexiest dress you’ve ever worn?

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