5 ways to fit activity in

I have had my hands full, since having the baby in late March and becoming a hardworking stay at home Mama. When I was pregnant, I continued to work out every day and was thinking how easy it was to be a fit Mom. Of course, this was before I was actually a Mom. Since having my little gal, I have discovered that unlike when I was pregnant I do not have tons of extra time on my hands. I used to hang out at the gym in the afternoons just to pass the time. These days I do not have any time to just hang at the gym for an hour or 2 at a time. So months have passed and I have attempted to get back to the gym but it has been hard to get it into my schedule every day. I have come up with a few tricks to get at least a little fitness in my day. If you are like me and you are struggling to find the time, here are a few ideas you may not have thought of:

House walking: yep, this is now a thing. If the weather is bad and you can not get out, get in as many steps at home as you can. Even if that means just finding reasons to walk around. If you own a fitbit or a fitness tracker of any kind like I do, you know how addicting it is to count your steps. I aim to hit 10,000 steps which is the recommended amount of steps to at least maintain your weight.

Workouts while watching tv: when I do have the time to sit and watch tv, I try to workout. Like most Moms I am tired and to be honest just relish in sitting down and watching a little Dr. Phil when I can. Well I was doing this more than I would like to admit and figured out that I can fit in some exercises while watching tv. Every time there is a commercial break, this a good time to do some sets of: squats, lunges, push ups and ab moves. I will also get up and do a full commercial break of jumping jacks!

Running in place: this is going to sound bizarre but I run in place, while brushing my teeth. I have my sonic care tooth-brush and it is timed to brush my teeth for 2 minutes. While doing this 3 times a day, I run in place at the same time. It is as easy and as silly as it sounds but it makes me feel great first thing in the morning.

Walk more: living in the city has its perks. City dwellers walk more and let’s face it we pretty much walk everywhere. As long as the weather is ok I walk and never take cabs or the subway. Even better with the baby, she gets to enjoy getting out and I get to burn some calories at the sae time. You suburban parents, stop driving everywhere! Get out there and go for a walk as a family.

Do what you can: I have taken on a few programs in the last few months. I did the 60 Day Piyo Challenge and I am currently doing Slim in 6.  There have been times that I start the workouts and life gets in the way. Some of the workouts with Slim in 6 are up to 80 minutes long. Being a SAHM I do not really have 80 minutes to do the full program. I turn it on, start the workout and see how far I get! Most times I can get in about 30-45 minutes and then it is game over. I just keep telling myself, at least I got in some activity!

What are some of the ways that you fit exercise into your daily routines?