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The term “mommy makeover” isn’t a medical one — it’s a phrase used in popular language to describe a new trend in cosmetic surgery — mothers choosing surgery to get back the bodies that they used to have before they became pregnant. While there have been no studies by the cosmetic surgery industry on the number of mommy makeover projects that patients embark on, the American Society of Plastic Surgery notes that one in three women who approach cosmetic surgeons for makeovers are between the ages of 29 and 39, the age when women tend to have finally had the children that they plan to have.

Over the past five years, the number of mommy makeover procedures done on young mothers has increased at an unbelievable rate. Requests for breast lifts have gone up nearly 100%, and the tummy tuck, the most popular procedure of all in the under-39 age group, has been requested most of all — numbers have gone up more than 4,000%. Even labia plasty is more popular than ever. It goes without saying, then, that mommy makeover procedures are effective and well accepted. If you’re interested in them, then, you shouldn’t have doubts over how advisable they are. You only need to think about the cost angle.

Insurance used to pay for mommy makeovers

When breast augmentation first became popular in the 70s, health insurance companies paid for the procedure for every mother who chose to have it — they called it “restoration after postpartum changes.” Today, though, insurance companies tend to not pay for mommy makeover procedures. It is up to you to find ways to finance whatever you choose.

However, if you pick procedures that are medically necessary, you can certainly expect the insurance company to cover them. An umbilical hernia, a prolapse and other medical procedures, if they are a part of your mommy makeover procedure, will qualify. Anything that is purely cosmetic, though, won’t.

Where do you find the money?

The cost of the average procedure for breast augmentation in Sacramento and other major cities tends to run to $5,000. The cost of liposuction can go to $3,000, and tummy tucks cost $5,000. These are pricey procedures. While some women use their credit cards, others receive them as gifts from their family.

More often than not, the money for mommy makeover procedures comes from loans financed by third party lenders. Most reputed cosmetic surgery clinics put patients in touch with these lenders, and arrange for a lending package. You simply need to pay the money financed through monthly payments the way you would pay back a car loan. You’ll need to shop around, though, asking different clinics or lenders for their lending rates.

You have the option of approaching a teaching hospital

Medical procedures are cheaper when done by doctors in training at a teaching hospital. Since these procedures are overseen by experienced doctors, there is no particular risk involved. You’d get the treatment you wanted, and you’d still not pay much.

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