New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year! I have never really been one for resolutions because I have never really thought that I could keep them. This year I have come up with a few that I would love to be able to work on:

Less time on my phone/tablet/computer: we spend a lot of time on Social Media in our house. Both Jon and I have decided to cut back on the time we spend on our “boxes” during the day. We have noticed how enticed the baby is with our phones and tablets, I know it is because she sees how engrossed we are with them. I have made a resolution to stay off of Social Media while she is awake. I can check at nap time or at night while she is asleep. Years ago when I was in my first apartment I did not have internet and I just had email on my phone. I had so much time to spend doing other things and I was not a slave to my phone or a computer. I would love to be able to get back to spending less time on my phone/tablet and more time focusing on living life!

Better Diet: I will be starting the Slim in 6 program tomorrow and I am so excited. We will be taking a trip to Puerto Rico at the end of February and I want to be ready to wear a bathing suit. I have not had to wear a bikini since before the baby was born in the spring.  With the exercise program, I really want to focus on eating better. We have had way too much wine and chocolate over the holidays and I am scared to step on the scale and see the result of that.  You still have time, join me by doing Slim in 6 this month!

What are your New Years Resolutions? How will you stick to them?