Can we just take a minute to appreciate the simplicity of this outfit? Sometimes simple is the way to go and as they less is more! Bomber Jackets are in and to me, there should’nt be a lot of effort put into styling them. They’re pretty easy-going and can be that “it” factor to just about any outfit. If you couldn’t notice by the photos, I felt pretty edgy while shooting this. I’m at a point in my “style life” where I am just enjoying the minimal look. When your younger and coming into your style, you of course have hit and misses, but I feel like I’m finally coming into my style. I might not be there all the way but it’s a work in progress.

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” Konscious Vyb was created as a space to be creative and share everyday style. Run by an upcoming stylist, it quickly became more than just a fashion blog, its more of a personal style blog. Always wanting to inspire, Jayla would like for all who visit to gain inspiration and a piece of her style as well. Overall she hopes you enjoy!!