Introducing the all-new INSANITY MAX:30, the first Beachbody workout program that isn’t about finishing the workout, but instead about seeing how far you’ll go before you MAX OUT.Shaun T‘s newest workout, which requires no equipment, will help you push your body to the MAX and get insane results in 30 minutes a day. Every day you’ll push a little harder, go a little longer, and dig a little deeper.

Available now from Beachbody for only 3 easy payments of $39.95 with free shipping until1/7/15! Free shipping won’t last long, so be sure to take advantage of this great perk while it lasts. INSANITY MAX:30 also includes a 30-day money-back guarantee!

Please keep the following dates in mind- Orders for INSANITY MAX:30 and any other Beachbody products must be placed by the specific dates below in order to receive product before Dec. 25th.

Standard Shipping Deadline: 12/15/14
    Rush Shipping Deadline: 12/21/14

INSANITY MAX:30 - The Craziest 30 Minutes of Your Day Will Get You the Best Results of Your Life!