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Fashions come and go at what can seem quite an alarming rate to some of us, which makes it a daunting task to try to keep up.

You can actually become your own fashion guru if you make the positive step of taking control of your own style destiny rather than paying too much attention to passing fashion trends and fads.

No rules

What you really need to remember is that style is highly personal, which means there are virtually no rules, no trends to follow and no seasons to concern yourself with.

If you adopt that approach to your wardrobe and embrace the philosophy that style comes from within and has very little to do with aspiring to look like someone else who might be taller, thinner or shorter than you anyway.

Getting started

Take a long hard look at your wardrobe and make an honest appraisal of exactly how many items your currently own, you actually wear on a regular basis.

You should aim to get your wardrobe down to size by working on the basis that it would be much more inspirational if you were able to choose from half a dozen killer pieces rather than trying to get enthused by rows of fairly unremarkable garments.

It is not easy to be ruthless and get rid of anything you no longer wear or that doesn’t look good on you, but if you are going to take control of your style and become your own fashion guru, it has to be done.

Be inspired

If you are looking for some style ideas and trying to find what suits you best, take some time away from clearing out your wardrobe of all the dead wood and spend a day browsing some fashion hotspots.

You only have to spend a few hours in places like Camden Market and view some of the individualistic fashion items on display, to realise that with a bit of thought and planning, you can definitely take control of your style destiny.

Back to basics

Only you know exactly what suits you best and what you feel comfortable, so follow your intuition.

If everyone is wearing bright red mini-dresses this year, but you don’t look good in min-dresses or red for that matter, then don’t succumb to the trend and avoid becoming one of the herd. Instead, start off with a back to basics approach, which means stocking up on some essential staples that will form the basis of your wardrobe, whatever your style preferences.

Some of the staple items that should probably find their way into your wardrobe include a little black dress, which instantly adds style, elegance and sophistication. Also invest in a good quality pair of denim jeans and a classic white shirt, which combines simplicity with practicality.

A good pair of ballet pumps and high-heeled pumps will definitely give you good options and the odd bag or four is always a good idea. Statement bags are alright to a point, but don’t suffer for fashion, make sure you have a comfortable shoulder bag and a medium-sized bag that is capable of carrying everything you need.

Inject your own sense of style into the basics you have accumulated in your wardrobe, and you will be well on the way to becoming your own fashion guru.

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