I have completed the 60 day PIYO challenge and I loved it. I was looking for a workout that I could do at home and fit in to my day while still taking care of the baby. This workout definitely delivered results and was able to fit it in to most days.

What you get with the basic PIYO DVD program:

  • Eight PiYo workouts on 3 DVDs
  • Quick Start Guide: Discover just how PiYo will define you while getting insider tips to help you get the best results possible
  • PiYo 60-Day Workout Calendar: This is one where the workouts are arranged strategically to get more difficult as your endurance progresses to get you stronger and more flexible.
  • Measuring tape for tracking your weekly progress
  • Get Lean Eating Plan: An easy-to-follow guide to get you eating healthy to get you the body you want.
  • Buns Workout: Designed specifically to target that hard-to-define glute and hamstring areas.
  • 24/7 Online Support: Something you might need when you really want to succeed.

There are 8 workouts in the DVD set:

  • Align: The Fundamentals. This is an introduction to PIYO and breaks down the moves that you will be using in the program. It is important to do this workout first so that you can see the proper form that needs to be used during the program. If you are going to do the program I can not stress enough, you must do this workout first. Even after having done Align: The Fundamentals I still suffered an injury from improper form.
  • Define: Lower Body. This is now one of my favorite workouts to do. With Define: Lower Body being only 21 minutes it is perfect to fit into my day. I am able to complete this workout while the baby is up and playing on the floor along side me. I felt it in my glutes and legs within 24 hours of doing this one.
  • Define: Upper Body. This workout can be done right after Define: Lower Body or you can do it the next day. If I had extra time I love to do them together. Upper Body is only 18 minutes long and it really easy to fit into any schedule. I know you are thinking, how can you get a good arm workout in 18 minutes? After doing Define: Upper Body, I can tell you that you definitely can. Going forward I will be continuing to use Define: Upper Body and Lower Body on a regular basis.
  • Sweat: I will admit that I only did Sweat twice during the 60 days. It is nothing against the actual workout but it was longer in time and my little gal usually does not let me have that much time to workout! It is hard to break a sweat when I did have to stop several times to tend to the baby. I did like the added cardio in this workout.
  • Core: I totally love this core workout. I have never seen so much difference in my abs in such a short amount of time. I really think that this workout is responsible for helping me get my belly a little flatter after the baby. I feel that I will probably continue on with Define: Lower and Upper Body as well as Core on a weekly basis.
  • Strength Intervals. This workout is only 25 minutes and definitely gets the job done. It is a combo of strength and cardio moves. I love that it can help you with your strength with no equipment needed!
  • Drench. This is a really solid home workout. I wish I could have fit it into my schedule more often. I was really only able to do it a few times because of the length. This one will really leave you drenched in sweat!
  • Sculpt. I love this one! I really felt that sculpt made a big difference in my muscle definition all over my body. The varying tempos kept things interesting that is for sure. I would love to do this one a lot more if I can fit it in my schedule!

Overall I really enjoyed the workout and I am really glad I had a chance to do them all. The ones that I will be continuing to do every week are:

  • Define: Lower Body
  • Define: Upper Body
  • Core
  • Sculpt

These workouts really worked for my body but more importantly I was able to fit them into my day at home. I am sure as Emma starts to get older I will find more time to fit in the others! She really only lets me get in at the most, 25 minutes of working out. The food portion of the challenge was pretty easy for me. It really helped me to get back to my pre baby clean eating habits. Having Jon join me in the food plan really helped as well. We were able to find other ways to make our food taste amazing. Herbs and spices can go a long way!

I am really glad that I completed the 60 day PIYO challenge and I am hoping to do it over again in the New Year! Let’s talk results! I started out at  142.7 pounds and ended up at 132. I will take it! I had really hoped to hit the 120’s but given the fact that I was still breast-feeding, I do not think that hitting those numbers was possible. I will keep up guys posted on when I will be re-starting the program and hopefully some of you can join me! If you have been doing PIYO a long with me,  how did the 60 days end up for you??