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Hey Guys! I hope you are all having a great week. Recently I had the opportunity to try out a product named 16 Water. I jumped at the chance to try out 16 Water. Since we only drink water in our home, it was a great fit for me and the blog. We drink so much water that we have water delivery brought to our door. I try not to drink tap water because I can not stand the taste and the smell of it. If you are like me you probably have not heard of 16 Water. The brand 16 Water is the number one bottled water in Korea and has been really gaining popularity in Japan.

16 Water gets its name from being water that is naturally purified though 16 layers of volcanic bedrock. This water is a high quality bottled water that is produced on the island on Jeju, which is a volcanic island off the southwest coast of the Korean Peninsula.

There are many benefits to drinking 16 Water. Some of them are:

  • naturally purified
  • mineral rich water
  • no processing
  • essential minerals still intact
  • there is no synthetic enhancement
  • naturally fortified with: calcium, potassium, magnesium and vanadium
  • Jeju has been designated by the UN a World Natural Heritage site
  • crisp, fresh taste

Since I do drink a lot of water, I can tell you that there is a difference in taste. This water has a unique and really pure flavor to it. I really enjoyed trying this product and would definitely recommend it to fellow water lover and even non-water drinkers. It is not widely available in stores but it is on amazon. I love amazon, especially amazon prime. You can not beat next day delivery! If you are into bottled water, this is one brand of water that you really should check out.

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