PIYO Challenge


Hey Guys! I hope you have all been having a great week. I have been meaning to hop on here and write an update on how the 60 day PIYO Challenge is going and just things in general. We have really been embracing the eat clean diet and even Jon has admitted that it is not that bad. After the 60 days is over, we have decided to incorporate some of the things that we have changed in the last 5 weeks. Previously, Jon liked to use a lot of butter for cooking and we have learned to get by without it and have not really missed it at all. What we have been missing is the salt that we normally use to season the food.

Saturdays have become our cheat day and I really look forward to Saturdays now more than ever. My other favorite part of the weekends is the trip that we take to Whole Foods to get our food for the week. We have been filling our fridge with so much beautiful produce and I love it. Besides produce, we have really gotten into trying different things. This week we bought cashew butter and it is really good but be careful it is not low-calorie. It actually states that on the jar in 2 different spots. I guess they know it is so addicting that you may just want to eat the whole thing!

PIYO Challenge

Fall has now started. I have always been a huge fan of Pumpkin Spice Lattes. There has been a blog post going around sharing how bad the Starbucks version can be for you. It was definitely eye-opening but will not stop me from enjoying one occasionally. If you are going to order a PSL, I suggest asking for only 2 pumps of the syrup. It is actually way better that way and cuts the calories and sugar down. After you have it this way once, I guarantee that the original will always be too sweet after that!

We are now in Week 5 of the 60 day Piyo Challenge and I am down around 7 pounds and feel really good. My jeans are finally starting to fit a lot better and I am starting to see some changes in my body. Being post partum from a c section, I am still struggling with the ab area of my body but hopefully we will get to a place where I will feel confident in my body again! I know I have heard from a few of you that are doing the challenge along with me. If you are doing it or are interested in checking it out, please reach out to me here or shoot me an email at nycfitfoodfashion@gmail.com

Have a great rest of the week!