Blog Privacy

As a blogger, I have had to decide how much of me to share and how much to keep private. I have been pretty open on my blog and social media plat forms. I made the decision when the baby was born to not share a lot of pictures of her on my blog etc. I did have an open Instagram account, which is filled with pictures of her. Without putting much thought into it, I had left my account open to the public. Being a new parent I post a lot of pictures of my little one to my IG account. I had this open but my Facebook has always remained private. I am always weirded out when complete strangers add me to Facebook but do not even think about it when people follow me on IG, until today.

Recently, I have had more and more followers. I started actually looking at the accounts and some of them kind of bothered me. A lot of random people, businesses and even obviously fake accounts that are not real people. I started to feel uneasy, especially the ones that seem to be fake accounts or anonymous users. Who am I sharing some of my most precious moments with? It kind of was unsettling that I did not know the answer to that. I spoke about this with Jon and he admitted that he did not like that I left my IG open and was sharing our baby with strangers. After having this discussion I had decided to make my IG private and deleted most of my followers. I will treat that account the way I treat my Facebook and only share with those I know. I have created another Instagram account that is specifically for this page. This will include all the stuff that I am comfortable with sharing here on the page. The only difference is that the baby will not be added to that account at all.

I read a lot of blogs and have connected with a lot of bloggers over twitter and other social media accounts. I know that some are totally fine with sharing their families and some are not. This is what makes sense for me right now. For those of you out there that blog, how much do you share with the world? If you have children, do you post their pictures on social media? Why or why not?