60 Day Piyo Challenge

We are finished week one of the 60 Day Piyo Challenge. Last week we weighed in and did measurements, which I will share with all of you at the end of the 60 days. Jon has joined me on the diet portion of this challenge but he is not doing the piyo workouts. So far, he is losing more weight and I am frustrated! I know, I can not expect a lot of weight loss in one week. We weighed our selves this morning and Jon was down double the amount that I am after one week! I will try not to focus on this and just one my own results. I mean it has to be because I am gaining muscle right?

It took as a few days but I am actually really starting to enjoy our clean eating meals. Tonight we had fish, corn, zucchini and it was amazingly delicious. Tomorrow night we will be having bison! We had a cheat day on Saturday and it was not really worth it. Not that we will not continue to take a cheat day once a week but it is not it is all cracked up to be. I can say that my hubby’s cooking is so good that we do not really need cheat meals He has even figured out how to make our meals yummy even when they are salt free.

The workouts have been really challenging. I wrote last week about feeling weakness in my wrists but they actually mentioned this is the dvd and the reasons for it. My wrists are actually building up in strength and the workouts are still challenging but I am getting better at them. After doing the PIYO sweat workout my abs were burning all weekend. I look forward to seeing what this week will bring. I definitely feel stronger and tighter already. If you have decided to join me on this challenge, reach out and let me know how it is going for you so far. I would love to hear from you guys!