Today is the beginning of my attempt at the 60 day PIYO Challenge. I will not be updating daily as I can see that may be boring for you all to read but I will update here and there on our progress. So far I am ok but Jon is very hungry! One of the most challenging parts of the day for me was not being able to add salt on to everything. I love salt and I miss it already but I will try not to add it to my food for the next 60 days. Believe me it is hard to eat eggs without salt!

Since today was the beginning I watched and did the instructional video Align: Learn the Fundamentals. The poses seem challenging and I did have some difficulties. I have really weak wrists and a lot of the poses require you to put weight on your wrists. I am hoping to be able to build up my wrists over time. If not this program may not be the right fit for me. I did feel pain in my wrists doing a lot of the moves today. I will try again tomorrow though!

I am really excited to be doing this and sharing it with you guys. We will be doing before and after photos but I am not sure if I want to post them or not! I will think that over. If you are doing the program with me please update me on how you are doing. How was everyone’s long weekend?