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Happy Labor Day everyone! I hope you are all having a fantastic long weekend. I would love to say we have been relaxing but the weekend has been semi stressful. We ended up with a pipe leak in our master bathroom. Living in a small NYC apartment this was more obtrusive than you could imagine. The maintenance people had been in and out all day yesterday and then topped it off by spraying outdoor only paint primer in the bathroom. Since it is toxic and can not be used indoors we could not sleep in our room once again. I am more than annoyed at this mistake.

Summer is now over and it is also the beginning of my 60 day PIYO Challenge. I will be starting today with the dreaded measurements and weigh in. Jon will be joining me in the diet potion but he is not to sure on the workout yet. We went to Whole Foods this weekend and picked up a lot of good food for the week. I think the hardest part will be getting rid of our nightly wine drinking. We have taken up drinking red wine after the baby goes to bed. I can pretty much guarantee this new habit is why I have been gaining weight instead of losing weight after the baby. I am sure any one out there that has kids can remember how tough the first few months can be. Wine has been a great cap off to the day but it is time to cut that out for a while.

I am hoping there are some of you joining me on this challenge. I know there are a few of you that have reached out to me and let me know that you are starting a long with me. If you are and have not let me know, I would love to hear from you! You can always join us on this challenge, check out the program here. I can not wait to get started and to be able to chat about this challenge with all of you.

How was your long weekend?