10 ways to find inspiration for blog pots

Image courtesy of adamr at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Hey Guys! I do not write about blogging often, mainly because I know that some of you out there are not bloggers and do not need any tips on posting. For those of us that do blog, you know that there are times when you are just not feeling inspired. Here are a few ideas that I use online and offline to help:

1. Social Media: I always check to see what hashtags are hot on Twitter and Facebook. Depending on your niche you can build on whatever is trending to make a post.

2. msn: The msn homepage is full of new stories, celeb gossip and lifestyle articles. Use them to form an opinion piece or to get your imagination going.

3. Google Trends: Similar to following social media trends, you can use google trends to see what searches are hot that day. Check out what people are searching and use that information to write a post on what everyone wants to know about right now.

4. Similar blogs: I am always reading other blogs. I am not saying go and copy someone else’s idea but use what catches your eye to inspire a post. I have found plenty of inspiration from the blogs that I love.

5. Pinterest: If you NYC Fit Food Fashion regularly you know how much I love Pinterest. I have written many articles on things that I have found on Pinterest. It is such a great site for when you are looking for creative ideas.

6. Magazines: I have subscriptions to many magazines. I love looking through them. It could be an article or just some pictures that will lead me to write something.

7. Books: Check out the latest books or the best sellers list. This is another indicator as to what people are interested in right now.

8. Ask People: Why not ask your readers what they would want to see from you. This is a source that a lot of people do not think of. Hit up you facebook or twitter followers and ask them for some ideas or feedback.

9. What products do you use at home? Look at things that you like and build a review around those products.

10. Your own archives: Go through your old posts and see what has worked for you in the past. Pick some of your most popular topics and write an update or follow-up to those posts.

Now that I have shared my ideas. Where do you find inspiration?