Hello Readers! I hope you all had an amazing week. We had a pretty great one, Em cut her second tooth! She is just hitting milestones all over the place. Needless to say she is always on the top of my Friday Favorites list! The week went by pretty fast another fantastic moment was when we saw Bruce Willis coming out of Letterman. It was insane! I have never seen fans go so crazy. We live close to Letterman, I see a lot of stars come in and out. This was the biggest I had seen. We took a lot of great pics but the best one was actually one I found on Instagram. I actually stumbled on a picture of my hubby Jon photo bombing Bruce. Check it out:


I can not tell you how many laughs we had over this picture. That was probably one of the funniest things that happened this week! Enough about my week and on to my Friday Favorites:

Favorite Blog: this week I was totally loving The Rachel Ross. I met Rachel via Twitter and I can tell you this girl has fantastic style. I loved her features this week on Small Screen Style. Here take on Carrie Bradshaw was spot on! Check her out.

Favorite Beauty Product: I am totally loving my Bare Minerals Powder Foundation. I do not have tons of time to get ready everyday but I have this down to a science. I can put this on in less than 5 minutes, as a mom this is super important. Anything that I can do fast is a must around here.

Favorite Snack: I have been making Em her own baby food. She loves bananas. I have hated bananas my whole life, until now. I mash her bananas for a snack and I eat the other half of the banana. It is yummy and it curbs my cravings for sweets!

Favorite TV Show: Bachelor in Paradise wins again this week. I love this show. It is like watching a train wreck! I am also looking forward to fall TV starting soon! Since there really is no new TV on, Bachelor in Paradise kind of gets this pick by default!

Favorite Clothing Item: I bought new aviators from Free People and I love them. They were on sale too! I have quite a few pairs of sunglasses but aviators will always be my favorite.

That is it for this weeks Friday Favorites! What was your favorite thing this week?