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Hey guys! I hope you all are having an excellent week. Like most people I enjoy a flavored drink every now and then but I try to steer clear of them. I quit drinking soda, juice etc about 12 years ago. I may indulge in one of those drinks a handful of times a year. One thing I do not drink is sports drinks since they are usually filled with un natural ingredients, sodium and sugar overload. When I think of sports drinks, I think of all the un natural bright colors that they come in. Anything that looks like that, should not be consumed by people! I am thirsty all of the time but plain old water is almost always my drink of choice.

I was given the opportunity to try Body Armor. Body Armor is a sports drink out on the market that is a healthier version than your regular sports drink. From the company:

BODYARMOR is a premium sports drink that provides superior hydration and is loaded with electrolytes, vitamins and coconut water. In fact,  BODYARMOR has 2.5 times the electrolytes of other sports drinks. I’m sure you’re aware of the importance of proper hydration, especially during the hot summer weather. BODYARMOR is high in potassium and low
sodium and contains no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners –and it tastes great – making it easy to enjoy and stay hydrated.

The best part about Body Armor is the natural ingredients. I usually stay away from drink like Gatorade because of the added colors and chemicals. We all know that nothing is natural about the colors that the usual sports drink comes in. Here is the best part to BodyArmor:  there are no artificial flavors, colors. or sweeteners.

I decided to give it a try. I can report that it is delicious and I did not feel the guilt I would normally feel from consuming a sugary beverage. Although it does still contain a great deal of sugar. The bottle says it contains 2 servings but most people would see it as 1 and it has 140 calories per serving.


I enjoyed the samples that I was given and if I was to recommend a sports drink this would be it. Since I am not the type of gal that uses sports drinks, I will be sticking to my plain water. If you are a sports drink consumer and you are looking for something that is all natural,  give this one a try!




*Though the brand sent me these products for review, all opinions are my own, and completely based on my own experience with these products.