This is totally how I feel right now. I had started out almost 30 days ago vowing to make changes. Well I am sad to say that I did not stick to the challenge that I had promised to finish. The problem is that I had set out on this 30 day challenge saying that I would not be to strict or be to hard on myself. It turns out I need to be strict and I need to be harder on myself. I did not set enough rules or goals to be able to hold myself accountable. One rest day a week turned into 3 or 4. I promised to work out a little each day. With that I was satisfied with doing as little as one set of squats and would consider it a work out or better than nothing. Closing out that 30 days I have actually gained 4 pounds. I know I said weight was not important in this challenge but how else was I going to be able to measure my success. I have learned a valuable lesson from this and going into my 60 day PIYO challenge I will hold myself accountable everyday. I will be posting my routine and eating plan on my fridge. That way it will be staring me in the face everyday. How many of you will be joining me on the 60 day PIYO Challenge??