Hey Guys! I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. I was sitting here thinking about my upcoming 60 day PIYO challenge and I am starting to get really excited. I need to get back on track. I have been trying to get back to my fitness routines since the baby was born in March and it has been a huge struggle. I fell in love with working out many years ago. If I go back about 12 years, I was in a rut and hated my body. I was afraid of the scale but when I finally weighed myself I was the heaviest I had ever been. I made a decision then to go hardcore and lose the weight. I worked extremely hard and lost almost 50 pounds in 3 months. Since then I had found a love for fitness and made it a huge priority in my life. Then came the baby.

I worked out through out my pregnancy and felt fantastic. I gained the exact amount of weight that was considered good for my body and the baby. I was positive that once the baby was born I would be back in the gym and back to my pre-baby weight in no time. The picture above is a very happy me a few weeks before giving birth. In the weeks after the baby, the pounds just dropped off. I was losing fluid rapidly and the next thing you knew I was 5 pounds away from my pre-baby weight. Then it stopped. I started gaining weight and I figured that once I was allowed to go back to the gym I would be just as determined as ever. Well I got the go ahead from my Dr back in May. I have been to the gym 4 times since then. I have now gained over 10 pounds since I had almost been back at my pre-baby weight and have no motivation to get up and go. That being said, I hate my post baby body. It feels good to actually write that out. As much as Jon tells me I look great and I hear it from friends and family. I hate my body the way it is right now. Normally that would be enough to get me to get my butt in gear and workout but so far not so much.

Having a baby has taken the energy out of me. By the time Jon comes home from work and I could leave and go to the gym, I just do not want to. By the end of the day I am physically and emotionally exhausted. All I want to do is have a glass of wine and put my feet up. I have also become a stress eater. The baby has a huge meltdown I am reaching for something to eat. I have no idea why but for some reason that makes me feel better. Have any of you ever felt that way. I used to make sure we had absolutely no snack foods in the house. I now find myself buying things like cookies, candies and chips. I really need this 60 day challenge to get me back in gear. I hope that some of you will join me. Starting on September 1st I will be sticking to this program if it is the last thing I do! Come on Mom’s out there let’s do this together.