What’s the price of seeking medical procedures at a lower cost? That’s what many men and women are considering after hearing horror stories related to travelling overseas for a number of offered cosmetic surgeries.

You may notice a number of customer service reps with foreign accents. In many industries, it’s cheaper to outsource work to other countries in exchange for lower rates of pay. In order to streamline and ‘scale’ production, enterprises find cheaper ways to provide more, though the efficiency of output is less. Unfortunately (and scarily), the field of medicine is sometimes no different.

Facial Frown

One woman who lived in the UK decided to opt for a cheaper facial surgery performed in Poland for much less. After saving money and selling a gold bracelet to help cover the travelling costs, she had the cosmetic procedure performed. Though the surgeon’s website looked great and credible, the woman was a bit hesitant of the fact that no one at the office spoke her language though a translator was present.

The woman reported things going well while away, staying for ten days and checking in with the doctor, getting stitches removed on the final day. Upon her return to the UK, she noticed a number of stitches had ‘been missed,’ by the doctor. After removed by her dentist, her jowls and neck swelled for the next six weeks.

While proper face­lift procedures call for lifting the skin and underlying muscle tissue, she found that the doctor had only succeeded in lifting the skin. Unfortunately, the woman regretted the entire experience, noting that the hospital offered to ‘fix’ (if she paid to go back on her own) what she now deemed as an ‘outdated’ procedure.

Tummy Ache

Another woman who wanted a tummy tuck and breast augmentation performed, decided on a remote location, Turkey. While her focus was getting her stomach addressed, an incredible ‘package’ deal was offered by the remote service. Harrowingly, after the operation and the presence of ‘black skin’ forming on the stomach, the doctors told her it was bruising and it would soon go away.

Upon her return home the UK, her husband identified the black skin as ‘dead skin,’ quickly referring her to a local plastic surgeon. The surgeon observed necrosis, and told her that she would need to go to the hospital or possibly die! To make matters worse, a professional eye told her that her breasts were not lifted but merely addressed with fake implants. When she attempted to contact the doctor and foreign hospital for reparations, she found no one would return her calls. Travelling to foreign countries for cosmetic surgery has proven to be extremely risky. Don’t cut corners when it comes to your health.

Priceless Health

It’s understood that as we age, we discover saggy skin and breasts, and arms that don’t exude the youthful glow and tone of younger years. However, no price is equal to your health and subsequent happiness. Unfortunately, a number of women and men learn through botched surgeries that ‘you get what you pay for,’ regardless of degrees held by doctors or online legacies of ‘cheap’ alternatives.

Dr Robert Goldman is a Cosmetic Surgeon with a practice in Perth Western Australia and Cairns Queensland. Follow Dr Goldman on Google+.

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