Day 16: 30 Days of Healthy Challenge

Good evening guys! I am a little behind and I am posting on what I did yesterday. It was another good day here in NYC. They were calling for scattered thunderstorms all day but they never came. We got out for two walks and did some grocery shopping finally. With all of the bad luck we have had with take out lately, I am thinking a break is needed for sure. With the two walks and an epic meltdown from the baby in the afternoon I still managed to get some conditioning exercises in. This was the set that I did:

  • 70 crunches
  • 35 bicycle crunches
  • 35 side bends
  • 10 push ups
  • 15 mountain climbers
  • 10 squats

I would have like to have done more but lately the baby has been a little grumpy so naps are not as long as I would like. We had to change her supplementing formula over to soy and I think that has been giving her some issues. Hopefully that will go away soon, otherwise we will have to change again! Motherhood is definitely a lot harder than I ever could have imagined!

Since we were able to grocery shop and took the take out off of the menu, my diet had improved a little yesterday. Here is a look at what was on the menu for Thursday:

Breakfast: coffee with soy, fruit, chia bar

Lunch: thin bagel, turkey, mixed greens

Snack: quinoa and kale salad (pictured above)

Snack: soy green tea latte from Starbucks

Dinner: Pork chop, corn, sweet potato and a glass of red wine

As I wrote that I realized how often we eat pork chops hahaha. I must admit that pork is probably the meat that we cook the most around here. Jon does cook a mean pork chop though. I will have to get him to post the recipe for all of you some time! I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend. Any big plans for all of you out there?