Yesterday was a busy day. The baby and I went on three walks and I did some exercises during her nap. It was a gorgeous day here in the city and we got out and took advantage of it. Here is a look at the conditioning exercises that I did:

  • 35 bicycle crunches
  • 35 side bends
  • 65 crunches
  • 10 push ups
  • 15 mountain climber
  • 5 squats

When it came to food today was not the best. I started out the day ok, then the evening came. The plan was to take the baby out to see James Franco at the Colbert Report and get her photo with him. This is a new thing we started doing, love taking the baby’s picture with celebrities and it will make for great memories one day. Well she took a long time drinking her bottle, when we got outside he was already gone. Since it was close to 8:30pm we were not going to cook. Once again we ordered food, this time sushi. I think it is time to start cooking more because we have not had luck ordering lately. The estimated delivery time on Seamless Web was 15-30 minutes. I put the baby down, came out and the food was not there yet. We called after 45 minutes and they said it just went out. By the time it arrived it was almost 10pm! Both of us were starving, opened up the sushi and right on top of one of the rolls was a curly hair. Make no mistake this was not a hair from someone’s head. We had ordered close to $70.00 of sushi since we were starving and now I was definitely not eating it. Jon called the place and they said there was no one there in charge that we could talk to and that they were closed??? Meanwhile we checked on Seamless Web and it said they were still open. We were livid and I ended up eating a frozen dinner instead on the $70.00 of food that was ordered. I tweeted Seamless Web and they were awesome, sent us a refund right away but still I was pissed and it definitely ruined our moods and the night. We will be cooking tonight for sure. Here is what I ate yesterday:

Breakfast: coffee with soy, cantaloupe

Lunch: left over Vietnamese pork

Snack: soy cinnamon dolce latte from Starbucks

Dinner: Lean cuisine Butternut Squash Ravioli

Snack: peanut butter M&Ms (I caved in my bad mood)

Here is to hoping that today is much better!!