Good evening everyone! I had a great day, little lady bug and I went for 2 walks today. I also found the time to fit in a really good set of conditioning exercises. Unlike yesterday there was not a lot of crying from my little baby but just not a lot of napping today. She seems to be over the whole nap thing this week. At 4 months old she all of a sudden hates to nap. The great thing is that she was not crying from over tiredness, just would not sleep. Todays workout was:

  • 60 squats
  • 15 mountain climbers
  • 10 push ups
  • 60 crunches
  • 30 bicycle crunches

Here on the blog I started a new campaign for BeachBody PIYO. If you have not heard of it, PIYO is part pilates and part yoga. I will also be trying out PIYO once I have finished up my 30 days of healthy challenge. I have always been a beachbody and Chalene Johnson fan. I am really excited to give PIYO a chance to help me get my body back into shape. Until August 11th there is no shipping on PIYO orders.


I had a pretty good diet day. We did once again order out for dinner, it was not to bad. We got dinner from “Poulette” again and the chicken was delicious. If you live in the Hell’s Kitchen area you have to try Poulette, it is amazing. The take out there is the best pic for healthy take out in our area. I know that we will continue to order from there for a long time to come! Here is a look at my food for today:

Breakfast: Coffee with Soy, Coconut Chia Bar

Lunch: Bagel Thin, Turkey, Mixed Greens

Snack: Pop Chips

Dinner: Chicken, Quinoa, Green Beans and Red Wine

How was your day?? Have you ever tried a Beach Body program?