Good evening NYC Fit Food Fashion readers! Today was another Rest Day. My cold has been lingering and today the baby decided to be quite the bear. Given those two things I decided that today would be one of my 2 rest days for this week. I still went out for 2 walks today, I just did not do any conditioning exercises.

Even though it was rest day, I tried to keep on track diet wise. No matter what the food you eat is the most important part of any diet/exercise routine. If you do not have the chance to work out, always make sure to keep your diet in check. Here is a look at the food I ate today:

Breakfast: Fruit, coffee with soy

Lunch: Thin whole wheat bagel, roast turkey, lettuce, light mayo

Snack: Quinoa salad

Snack: Soy hazlenut macchiato from Starbucks

Dinner: Pork chop, green beans, corn and red wine

I am looking forward to getting back into it tomorrow. I have always hated rest day even though it is an important part of working out.  How are you all doing? What are the goals you are trying to attain?