Happy Saturday! I am still sick and that has kind of put a damper on my challenge. I will be taking a break from it this weekend and restarting on Monday. Being sick I have not been able to put my all into the exercise portion and has also hindered my eating as well. I will be back at it on Monday and hopefully I will be feeling a lot better. It looks like it may be moving on to Jon, fingers crossed that the baby can avoid this. She has not been sick so far and I would hate to lose that streak!

We did manage to get out to whole foods and do our shopping for the week. This was after eating breakfast at our favorite diner. If you are in UWS and looking for a decent diner to eat at, we love the Olympic Flame Diner at W 60th and 10th. They treat us like family there and it what keeps us going back. That type of service is hard to find in the city. We frequented another diner in NYC called the Flame. We went there every weekend when we first moved to mid-town. Week after week they never remembered us and if they did they did not acknowledge it. I ordered the same thing every weekend and every time they gave me the wrong order. When I would tell the waitress every weekend that it was not what I ordered, she would roll her eyes and act annoyed with me. I was starting to think she was doing it on purpose! Well we switched to the Olympic Flame and have never looked back 🙂 That is my shout out to the little diner that we love and shows us love in return! The girls that work there adore the baby and she also loves all the attention she gets from them.

I will be back on track on Monday I swear.