While everyone wants to lose weight as fast as possible, the main goal should really be keeping
the weight off once you have lost it. It is so common nowadays, with all of the fad diet plans available to
the masses, to lose 20 pounds in a few weeks; only to gain it all back and more over the next month.

While I personally believe that a healthy weight loss should be a steady (not drastic) loss in
weight each and every week, I think the main goal for everyone is the same. Keep the unwanted pounds
off once and for all.

Everyone always talks about exercise and needing more of it, but eating right can do the trick as
well; especially when in conjunction with an exercise program. Below are just a few healthy food options
that can help you keep your weight under control.

Apples a Day?

I think most people can accept that eating fruit is good for you. An apple specifically has 15% of
the daily recommended intake for Vitamin C, a vitamin that has shown to decrease the risk of coronary
disease. Any fruits with high Vitamin C content should be working into your daily diet.

However just eating a single piece of fruit a day will not do the trick. Try to squeeze in 2-3
(possibly even more) servings of fruit into your diet each day. Eat them as healthy alternatives whenever
you are craving a snack between lunch and dinner. Besides being great for your body, cutting out high
calorie treats like Oreos or Snickers bars, and replacing those snacks with an apple, will help you
maintain your desired weight.

No Trans Fats!

Trans fats, like saturated fats, raise your LDL and total cholesterol levels. These bad cholesterol
levels also adversely affect your HDL (good) cholesterol, which can inhibit how much healthy fats
actually get absorbed into your body; healthy fats are vital to the continued growth and functions of
your organs.

Eat Yogurt!

Everyone knows that calcium keeps your bones strong. What many people do not know is that
some yogurt brands now contain Inulin, a fiber-like carbohydrate found in fruits and vegetables. The
main thing to take away from this is that Inulin can help your body absorb calcium easier, as well as
helps your body fight off infections from bacteria in your digestive tract. At less than 150 calories per
serving (some yogurt have half that amount) this is another health conscious choice for those trying to
maintain their current weight levels.

What about Food Recipes?

Making your own food is a bit more time-consuming then driving through the nearest
McDonald’s drive thru, but the fact that you control the ingredients that you are putting into your body
is a huge factor in maintaining your weight.

While everyone will have their own secret, personalized food recipes; I would encourage
everyone to hold the salt. A tad bit of salt here and there won’t hurt anyone, but with over 50 million
Americans dealing with high blood pressure; cutting down your sodium intake is a sound idea.

Whole Grains

I used to love my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on these massive slices of white bread.
That is until I saw how much healthier whole grain products were. Whole grain products are richer in
nutrients and fiber than refined grains. Now when I grab for bread, I grab the Whole-wheat option
instead of white. I have even switched over to brown rice from white rice after many years of fighting it.

A tip for switching over to brown rice, if you make your own rice at home in a rice pot, simply
start off with half and half. Breaking old habits can be difficult, so settle on half brown, half white rice

Congratulations on all the weight loss you have already achieved, but your work is not done. Try
to implement a few of these tips into your daily lives to keep the weight off once and for all!for a few weeks until you are ready to switch all the way over.

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