30 Days of Healthy Challenge

Good morning NYC Fit Food Fashion readers! I did not update my challenge yesterday (Day 4) due to being pretty sick and on my own yesterday since Jon had a work event in the evening. This left me home alone with baby and sick. Needless to say we were in bed at around 8pm. I did get out for 2 walks, one for activity in the morning and the second because the dog needed to get out 🙂 Other than that I did not do much exercise unless you include pacing the floor with the baby. Actually I can consider that exercise especially since she loves for me to do squats while holding her and singing Iggy Azalea simultaneously! The bad news is that I woke up feeling even worse today. So much so that the hubby stayed home from work to take care of the little one.

Food for yesterday was a little all over the place. I did pretty good health wise. Normally we sit for dinner at night but since Jon was not here I ate dinner on the floor next to the baby getting in some play time. Here is what the food portion of my day looked like:

Breakfast: Coffee with soy, cantaloupe, multi grain cereal with blueberries

Lunch: Left over marinara sauce and linguine

Snack: Coffee with soy, hummus and pita chips

Dinner: Cobb salad (hard boiled eggs, lettuce, bacon, feta cheese and tomatoes)

I will attempt to get outside today and take a walk since it is a gorgeous day here in NYC. I will also spend a lot of the day resting so that I can get rid of this sickness. What is everyone planning for the weekend?