Hey Guys! For those of you that are regular readers, you know that I am 3 months post partum. That being said my hair is a mess. It was healthy and luxurious while I was pregnant and immediately afterwards. Once my hormones had settled and my body was trying to get back on track, I had post partum hair loss. If you were to come to my place, you would find my hair everywhere.

I know that this is a completely normal side effect of giving birth but watching my hair fall out everywhere was disheartening. I was ready to chop it all off but then I had the opportunity to give Eu Natural Supplements a try and to share my experience with you.

The supplements are to be taken once a day.  The biotin before food and the vibrance with food. This was easy to do. I chose to take the biotin before breakfast and the vibrance during my lunch. I normally have a sensitive stomach to vitamins and tend to experience nausea. This way I could break it up and not have to do both in the same time frame. For the record I never experienced the nausea that I sometimes get from vitamins.

The best part about these products is that they are all natural. Not only can they help with hair growth but with over all health. I found while taking them that there was a difference in my hair but also in my nail growth and skin. I could attribute that to the hormones that are still in my system but I chose to think it is the supplements.

Results wise I did not find that my hair was growing any different but it was falling out less. I can not be sure if that was from the vitamins or from my hormones getting back on track. I will continue to use the product until it is finished up. I received a pretty good supply and I am hoping that I will be able to tell the difference from a longer period of usage. I would recommend giving this product a shot if you suffer from hair thinning and loss.

Have you ever suffered hair loss? and what did you do about it?

*Though the brand sent me these products for review, all opinions are my own, and completely based on my own experience with these products.