It’s a beautiful thing to look in the mirror and see a confident smile. Yet, it’s messy to see the cost
of makeup and beauty supplies on your monthly credit card bill. Rather than cut beauty corners,
pluck dollars and cents out of the equation, considering these seven saving tips.


Rather than gather needs one­by­one or as needed, allocate your money, devoting a specific
amount toward cosmetic costs. From there, breakdown supplies and consider what you need
versus want.

Budgeting is an ugly reality of fashion­minded people. Fashion costs so it pays to be smart about
where your money is going and how much each desire costs.

Ask for Samples

You live in the age of social media platforms – act like it. Tweet, like on Facebook, and do other
things (send an email?) to get the attention of your favorite brands. See about trading free or
discounted samples in exchange for feedback and advocacy.

Marketers love genuine attention and testimonials from ‘real people’ who actually use and enjoy
beauty products. Of course, getting a major­film star to wear and push a product is a win, but
perceptive marketers know where manufacturers make the majority of income.

Water + Shampoo

Consider cutting dollars off shampoo bottles, extending the life cycle of each; add water to the mix
and extend the longevity of each use. It’s a small way to make an expensive shampoo bottle cost

The same ‘trick’ applies to laundry detergent, hand soap, and cleaning supplies. Cut into the
original chemistry with a little water. It won’t do any damage to your pocket.


Go to the mall’s beauty counters and get specialists to give you a makeover while you ‘try out’ a
number of supplies from your choice of suppliers. Speak with representatives about getting on
lists leading to rebates and savings on particular products.

Go Natural

What does your natural hair color look like? What would happen if you didn’t wear lipstick each
time you left the home? What if you started adopting a more ‘natural’ look rather than spend
hundreds to thousands of dollars per year on beauty supplies?

It’s a shock to American culture to consider donning a fresh face rather than ‘the freshest’ colors
and fads that mall clerks and major brands speak about and offer. You don’t have to ditch the
glimmer entirely but consider using less.

Bulk Buys and Coupons

If you’re a major advocate of a manufacturer, contact sales departments about buying in bulk or as
a ‘wholesale’ buyer. Why pay retail price each time if always buying the same product? Most
manufacturers appreciate long­standing relationships.

Alternatively, a number of sites, like SumoCoupon, offer deals and savings on thousands of
products from thousands of leading and independent brands. Stop paying full price when there are
obvious ways to save on and offline.

Girl Power

Get with a number of friends and use the power of numbers to attract group deals and rebates from
retail stores or directly from manufacturers of choice. Brands know the level of competition
within the beauty market; there’s no shame in requesting group rates.

Stop paying full price for the same items. With a bit of budgeting and clever money­saving
implementation you can make out better on your next makeup purchase.

Theresa Smith has a great passion for health and beauty for today’s busy women. From tips on
fresh beauty routines to product suggestions and more, she enjoys blogging about her insights into
looking and feeling great.

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