As sales slogans go, “A Diamond is Forever” has to go down as one of the most successful of all
time. The phrase was first used in an advertising campaign back in 1947 and caused a 50% spike
in diamond sales over a three year period.

The slogan still has the same resonance and meaning to shoppers today because our love affair
with those wickedly enticing sparkling rocks is just as strong as ever.

This infographic takes an entertaining and interesting look at the history of diamonds to reveal
why the precious stone is still so strongly linked in many parts of the world with romantic gestures
that often end in “Will you Marry Me?” and hopefully, “I Do”!

The idea behind a diamond ring being used to propose to the love of your life, is that the
diamond’s purity and sparkle are a symbol of the depth of the man’s commitment to the woman
he loves.

The idea being that the bigger and better the diamond, the more he loves the woman. Clever
marketing and good news if you are the receiving lady but a lot to live up to if you’re the man
buying this much­anticipated symbol of affection.

There is also a look at why diamonds are always so expensive regardless of the economic
conditions. Not hard to figure that out when you discover that diamond mines regularly restrict the
supply of new diamonds to drive up prices and have never been known to actually lower their

If you have just splashed out on an expensive diamond ring you might not want to read the bit
about why diamonds are actually worthless. Even the former Chairman of the largest diamond
mining company on the planet once commented that “diamonds are intrinsically worthless, except
for the deep psychological need they fill”.

There you have it, the true price of love.

 Diamonds2Image provided by The Circle