New York City is the city that never sleeps, so there is always someplace to find delicious food at all
hours of the day and night. But certain restaurants stand out from the rest in this saturated market.
Below are just five of the many options that you should be trying this summer if you are planning on
spending some time in The Big Apple.


For individuals and families looking for spectacular plant-based cuisine, Blossom is a must-visit
restaurant that even the most die-hard meat-eaters will love. The restaurant serves breakfast (even
though it is not open in the morning), lunch, dinner, dessert, and everything in between. From vegan
French toast and banana pancakes for breakfast cravings, to bountiful salads and hearty sandwiches
for lunch, you will definitely get your fill early in the day here to keep you going until dinner. Then,
for dinner, you can indulge in ravioli to start, seitan for dinner, and cake for dessert, as a few
examples from their extensive menu.

The Dutch

The Dutch is a popular Soho restaurant that is perfect for the hungry lunch crowd and for fuelling up
for a day of touring the city. You will find a variety of options here, from fish and turkey to burgers
and fried chicken. If you want to relax a bit before heading back out, take some time to sip on one of
the restaurant’s many delicious wine offerings. Then finish up your lunch with a sweet dessert like a
salted lime pie or cherry crisp.


Perilla is a great restaurant for dinner in the West Village. Opt for a three-course meal here that
will definitely be unforgettable. The atmosphere here is relaxed and casual, so you can settle in and
rest your tired feet after a long day of sightseeing throughout New York City. From Greek to Middle
Eastern dishes, there is something here for everyone and for those who enjoy experimenting with
trying out foods from a variety of cultures from around the world. If you are already used to eating
high quality foods, like the grass fed beef from The Good Grub People, you will definitely love the
fresh flavours that you will find here.

Gotham Bar and Grill

The Gotham Bar and Grill is located on East 12th
in which you can enjoy a quiet meal or even celebrate a special occasion. Try one of their many new
vegetarian dishes, from the appetisers to the entrees, which are sure to fill you up and delight your
palate. If you are looking for fresh flavours and new tastes that go perfectly together, especially if
you are tired of all of the restaurants in the city serving nothing but meat and fish, this is the place to


If you are going to be in the meat packing district of New York City, check out Scarpetta. The upbeat
environment at this great location is one of the many reasons that so many people love it. During
the summer season, always ask for a table outside and take it if there are any available. There is
nothing quite like dining outside on a beautiful summer day for lunch or on a cool evening with the
stars and moon above. Inside is just as lovely, though, with Italian-inspired décor and a skylight. Try
one of the restaurant’s beloved pasta dishes or one of the delectable items off this establishment’s
vegetarian menu.

With so many great restaurants to choose from throughout New York City, it can be a daunting
task to decide where to eat for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, whether you are a tourist, visiting
from a nearby state, or even a local. But once you know where to go, you’re sure to acquire a few

scarpetta_inside1The inside of Scarpetta