We are probably all familiar with that feeling of panic when a special occasion is coming up
and we just don’t know what to wear or what look to go for.

Sometimes it can be a question of simply not having anything suitable to put on at all.
However, on other occasions it is more likely to be due to being a little bit jaded with
having the same look all the time. Maybe what you need is an easy way to get a completely
different look.

Thankfully, this isn’t anywhere near as difficult to do as you might think. In fact, the
following ideas will get you a whole new look in no time at all and with very little effort.

Swap Clothes with a Friend

Do you have a friend who is the same sort of size as you but has a different style? If you do
then why not ask them if they would mind swapping clothes with you for the big occasion
coming up? It could be great fun and the new look could suit you a lot better than you
maybe think just now. If you like what you see with the new look then you could end up
having a whole new different type of clothes and accessories you could use in the future. It
could be an even better idea if you can get a group of friends to all do it together. You could
then organize a clothing swap get-together in which everyone takes along some clothes to
swap and tries on other stuff. This can be a wonderful day and can let you try out a lot of
new looks without much effort.

Use Hair Extensions

There are some things you can do with your hair to make it look different but what if you
really want to have more of the stuff to work with? Well, in this case you need to think
about using hair extensions. If you have always thought that these accessories are likely
to lead to something silly on your head then it is time to think again. The best blonde
clip in hair extensions and extensions in other colors are now so good that they look
completely natural. It is quite amazing how much a different hairstyle can change a person’s
appearance. If you have always worn your hair short then you might be pleasantly surprised
at how it looks when it is longer and more flowing. It’s so easy to do that it’s got to be worth
a try to see how you feel and what it looks like. Be sure to give it a while before you make a
final decision, as it might take you some time to get used to the new look at first.

Shop in Different Stores

If you always buy your clothes and accessories in the same stores then it is only to be
expected that you tend to have the same look all the time. Sometimes, all it takes to achieve
something very different is to go a few different stores. We all have our reasons for trusting
certain places for our clothes shopping but why not take a chance of somewhere new if you
want a change? If you really want to look completely different why not go for a big change.
This could mean going to a funky second hand store or thrift store for some people and
could mean a trip to an exclusive mall for others. Taking along a trusted friend to help you
could be a good idea here, as you might find it difficult to evaluate how you look wearing
the sort of clothes you would never normally look at. Usually, having another person to help
out is a big benefit when it comes to making decisions like this.

Do Something You’ve Never Done Before

One of the easiest ways to get a look you’ve never had before is to do something you’ve
never done before. This can mean wearing a hat, putting on long false nails, not using make
up or anything else you feel will let you feel fresh and different. It is incredibly liberating to
feel as though you are doing something entirely new. No matter how old or young you are,
this can be a positive step in your life that leads you to thinking about how you can change
other things as well.

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Jessica Simpson (show below) is famous for switching up her look with great style accessories and hair extensions.