Working out facilitates great skin, better circulation, and increased feelings of vigor and wellness.
Getting on the fitness bandwagon is the easy part.  Keeping discipline and continuing on the path
to better health is a greater challenge. When you feel yourself veering off the road to fitness, consider the following tips to stay on the righteous, active path.

Try Something New

Sweat glands aren’t biased to particular workouts.  Get your heart beating and skin sweating by
trying another activity.  In addition to muscle regulation, we grow tired of engaging in the same

In addition to becoming physically acclimated, some workouts make us bored.  Consider altering
cardio workouts (hike rather than run), weight training (try machines rather than free weights), and
sports (try racquetball rather than tennis).  Keeping the body guessing makes the workout more
intense.  The more intense a workout, the less likely the mind will wander and grow weary.

Use Social Media

Would you be more likely to maintain a promise to get to the gym if you made the claim public
rather than private?  Use one of your social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – to
make a vow to get to the gym a few times per week.
If you fall off your routine, you will not only have to answer to yourself, but those who follow
your life happenings through digital platforms will also be privy to the laziness.  It’s a lot easier to
‘lose face’ when alone.

Find a Partner/s

Take the above concept a step further, inviting one or more family members along to join in the
fitness.  Including others lessens the likelihood of slacking off; moreover, having one or more
partners helps with verbal motivation and opens doors to new multi­person workout routines.
Approach fitness trainers about group rates or see if your gym provides monthly discounts when
friends and family members join too.

Take Smaller Steps

Sometimes, we start out running before we walk; we expect too much from ourselves.
Subsequently, we may feel anxiety from physical and emotional pressure, naturally weaning away
from the workout.  If the anxiety continues, you may decide altogether­ working out ‘is not for
you.’ Take smaller steps and comprising miniature goals, ensuring you’re not placing too much pressure
and physical challenge on yourself from the start.  Read about the 12 step alternative, keeping the
mind focused and disciplined

Reward Good Effort

Being healthy is rewarding alone, but during times of sluggishness, aligning good gym
participation with a prize helps maintain discipline.  Consider recording workout hours, repetitions,
and other metrics, treating self to food, clothing or other desirables for reaching and maintaining

Know Your Rhythms

While we make appointments, get to work, and arrange our lives around schedules, our bodies live
on their own rhythms, and, sometimes, no matter how hard our brain plans one thing, our bodies
don’t react the way we wish. Know your body rhythms, taking note of feeling tired, active, and hungry.  You may find that it’s not your workout that’s leading you astray but your body’s preferences.

Steve Tucker knows that not everyone has the desire to practically live at the gym. As a personal trainer, he enjoys finding effective modes of motivation to help people reach their fitness goals in a busy modern world. Follow Steve’s tweets here.