Hey guys! I hope you are all having a great day. I have started my journey back to my regular self after my c section and baby. Monday was the beginning for me getting back on track and I did manage to drag myself back into the gym. I am starting out really slow since I am still recovering and do not want to cause any set backs. The great thing is that due to working out before the baby and with the help of breast-feeding I am only 6 pounds away from being back at my pre-pregnancy weight. To start out this week I am doing a light treadmill routine. Here is what it looks like in case you are also starting over after surgery:

  • 5 min 2mph 0% incline
  • 5 min 2.2mph 0% incline
  • 5 min 2.5mph 0% incline
  • 5 min 2mph 4% incline
  • 5 min 2.2mph 4% incline
  • 5 min 2.5mph 4% incline
  • 5 min 2mph 0% incline

Since I am trying to take it easy, I am keeping it to 35 minutes. I hope to increase next week after seeing my Dr. for my 6 week visit and get their approval. It has only been 2 days but I am already starting to feel a lot better. To be honest it is also just nice to get out and take a break after being with my gorgeous little gal all day. It also gives Jon time to spend with her after he comes home from work. I will keep you guys posted on how things are going in the upcoming week!

What are you doing for workout Wednesday?

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