What woman does not love a beautiful engagement ring? I know we are all used to diamonds as the main stone but when we were looking I did strongly consider a gemstone. If Kate Middleton can wear one, why can’t I?

I mean who would not love to wear a classic blue sapphire engagement ring. William made a great choice in this ring for his lady-love. This gorgeous gemstone ring was also worn by Prince Williams mother, Princess Diana. Another very classy and elegant lady.

Some people may thing that choosing a gemstone engagement ring would be a bold choice but I think it is a classic and if those ladies could wear one then you would be in great company if you decided to get one. Blue sapphire is not the only choice. How about looking at your own birthstone. My birth stone is emerald and I do wear an emerald ring everyday. There are so many gorgeous gemstones to choose from. If you are in the market for an engagement ring, check out all of your options and not just diamonds.

Kate Middleton and Lady Diana are not the only famous ladies to wear gemstone engagement rings. Jackie Kennedy had a very modern looking diamond and emerald ring. Well if was modern for the times. Jessica Simpson received a ruby and diamond ring from her fiancée Eric Johnson. Halle Berry also has an emerald and diamond ring that she received from her husband Olivier Martinez.

You do not have to be getting engaged to wear gemstone jewelry. There are so many styles and options to chose from and most gemstones are priced way better than diamonds and are just as beautiful.

If you were to wear a gemstone engagement ring, what stone would you chose?

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