Good Afternoon NYC Fit Food Fashion Readers! Today is Monday and it is the day that I vowed to get back on track. Jon has gone back to work and it is just me and the little one on our own. So far so good, I don’t want to jinx anything but it is going pretty well. I am looking forward to hitting up the gym for the first time in 5 weeks tonight. I will be taking it slow, with a walking treadmill workout. I think I finally feel good enough to give it a try, my c section incision is healing really nicely and the pain has subsided. Just like anyone else I do need a little motivation to get me started.

I have a new reason to get back into shape after my little one. Now that I have a daughter I want to be a role model for her. I want her to grow up seeing how to be a healthy young woman and I hope to help her become one herself. I wish I had a role model like that when I was little. I think I would have grown up knowing how important my health was and not just to look good but to feel good and to have self-confidence. I do not want to see her suffer with body image problems the way that I did. I will now get in shape and stay healthy to show her how it is done and how to be healthy!

What makes you want to be healthy? Who is your motivation?

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